Information pursuant to Article 13 of European Regulation 2016/679

Dear User,
the Cooperative FAIR Bnb Network promotes the initiative “HELP US TO PROVIDE SHELTER TO PEOPLE IN NEED” which aims to connect humanitarian organizations, local governments, hosts, journalists and volunteers with refugees from Ukraine who are looking for safe accommodation.
For the execution of this initiative Fair Bnb, the controller of your personal data, pursuant to art.13 of the EU Regulation 2016/679, may process your personal data through your registration to the described initiative.
Below is specific information on the processing.

Personal data processed

The personal data collected and processed by the writer fall into the following categories:

  • Identification and contact data such as name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number and country of origin;
  • Any other data that you voluntarily want to provide such as a description of the area in which you can help and/or a description of your situation as a refugee.

Purpose and legal basis of processing

The personal data, mentioned above, will be collected and processed for the purpose of activating a section of the Fair Bnb platform that can be used to find a shelter for refugees from Ukraine.

This section will provide:

a) Registering on the Fair Bnb platform as a host, as a representative of an NGO and/or local government, as a journalist or volunteer who can help participating/contributing in the initiative and as a refugee looking for a safe place to stay.

b) Sharing of data between those involved in the initiative so that together they can find a safe haven for

The processing of the personal data of all subjects who voluntarily register on the platform will be based on the execution of pre-contractual and contractual measures taken at the request of the interested party (art. 6 par. 1 lett. b) of the Regulation) and on the basis of the legitimate interest of the owner aimed at organising the initiative (art. 6 par. 1 lett. f) of the Regulation).

The provision of data for pre-contractual and contractual purposes is necessary and failure to provide such data will make it impossible for the user to register for the indicated initiative.

Transfer of data to third countries

Fair Bnb may transfer such data outside the EU through the use of services for the operation of the platform offered by technology providers that may also be located in countries outside the EU, in particular the United States.
In this case, such data transfer will find its lawfulness in the exemption of Article 49(1)(a) through the requirement of explicit consent of the data subject, as there are no other adequate safeguards under Articles 45-46 and 47 of the GDPR and the decision on the adequacy of the Privacy Shield (“Privacy Shield”) that regulated transfers of personal data from the EU to the US was invalidated on 16 July 2020 by the European Court of Justice.

What are the possible risks of transferring personal data to the United States?

  • A first risk is that you will not receive a level of protection for your personal data equivalent to that guaranteed in the European Union. This is because US law authorises, in particular under Article 702 of the FISA, surveillance programmes necessary to address needs of national security, public interests or the administration of justice at the expense of the fundamental rights of individuals whose personal data are transferred to the US.
  • A further risk relates to the area of judicial protection where the mediation mechanism does not provide data subjects with legal remedies in front of authorities offering guarantees that are substantially equivalent to those required under EU law, as the independence of the Mediator is not ensured. (to find out more go to the Privacy Shield page of the Garante Privacy website ) .

For these reasons, we inform you that acceptance of the terms of this notice implies acceptance of the transfer of such data outside the European Union.

It will in any case be FAIR Bnb’s commitment to adopt, as soon as they exist, other binding instruments with the supplying companies that ensure an adequate level of data protection and guarantee the data subjects effective rights of action and remedies.

Data retention period

Account registration data will be retained until the end of the validity of the initiative and/or until the request to cancel the account;

Recipients of data processing

The data will be processed by collaborators who carry out promotional and support activities for our services and by technological partners dedicated to the correct functioning of the platforms with the management of tools and data storage, in their capacity as data processors.

The data of hosts and refugees will be communicated to NGOs and institutional bodies in order to facilitate the matching of supply and demand.

Hosts’ data may be disseminated through the publication of their listings on the platform.

Rights of the interested party

The data subject has the right to ask the controller for access to data, rectification, deletion of data, restriction of processing, as well as the right to portability or to object to the processing of data under the conditions set out in Articles 15,16,17,18,20,21 of the EU Regulation 2016/679.

In addition, the person is entitled to revoke his or her consent to the transfer of data to non-EU countries in the knowledge, however, that this decision will block his or her registration on the platform as its operation is based on essential services provided by partners based outside the EU.

Furthermore, the data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with a Supervisory Authority if he/she considers that the processing concerning him/her is in breach of the EU Regulation.

Identification of the data controller

The owner of the processing of your data is Cooperativa FAIR Bnb Network with registered office in Bologna Via Casarini 19, which can be contacted by e-mail: or telephone: +39 389 0931 063