your accommodation and/or social project
on Fairbnb

As we are getting closer and closer to start our adventure in some selected locations you can now pre-register your accommodation or your social project not only in these town but also everywhere else in the world so when we are ready to launch in your area or if we see a good concentration of requests we will activate your location ASAP.
so …



Do you run or plan to run a lawful short term rental or are you a local owner/manager of a small hotel, camping site, farm house or B&B in your own town and would like to make it a really sustainable business for you and your neighbours?

Are you part of one of those families of residents that use short term rental platforms to truly help the family budget and keep on living in a costly touristic city center?

Fairbnb is going to be a zero commission platform for Hosts that will ask Guests and Travellers to crowdfund a social project in YOUR own neighbourhood when booking your flat/room/accommodation, on top of that (and only if you will feel comfortable with it) you will be able to voluntarily help your guest increase its donation.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

Well, go ahead and pre-register on Fairbnb and we will shortly inform you if you are eligible to join our platform due to be launched in the late spring 2019.



Are you a social activist in your town?
Do you have projects that could improve the life of residents and help curbing the negative effect of tourism in your town?
Pre register your social project to get funded and receive free grants from activity in your town.
No project is too small or too big for,
it just need to be have a good plan and to be accountable.

Go ahead and pre-register your social project on and spread the world to other associations and civic groups.


Join our sleek and cool FAIRBNB SOCIAL NETWORK, accessible also with an APP (iOs & Android) suited for people interested in organizing grassroot activities and activism, networking and a lighter and less committed involvement in the project.


If you are interested on seeing Fairbnb launched in your country and you have organizational, networking and creative skills you may be interested to know that we will need partners both at a national and local level.

If you want to know more drop us a line at