Marco Lotito

I am a life hacker constantly looking for the perfect work-life balance.

Head of TIM Olivetti WCAP, Open Innovation Hub in Bologna since 2014, before working alongside more than 30 early stage digital startups I dealt with internal communication, intranets, community building and social learning.

Passionate about social innovation applied to rural areas, I participated in two editions of the Societing Summer School at the Rural Hub Salerno, at the second edition of Campdigrano in CIP, at the 2017 edition of CoopUpBo with the collaborative living project “DoHab Abitando s’impara“, volunteer at the World Wide Organization of Organic Farmers.

Mentor for United For Change APS, nonprofit organisation exploiting entrepreneurship training for improving social inclusion of less fortunate people.
Together with my wife Nicoletta I have published a series of reportages on green lifestyle magazines, telling about the choices made by families in transition and some intentional communities.

I also lived and worked for a long time in Mexico, engaged into the hospitality especially for italian tourists.