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Become a Fairbnb.coop Ambassador or Key Partner and lead the change you wish to see where you live

We support and enhance local stakeholders and organizations that share our values and mission.
Our Community Powered Tourism is based on cooperation rather than competition: by starting a Local Node, your community will benefit from its positive effects.
You will become part of a global network with a distributed organization focused on local impact.

What is a Local Node?

A Local Node is a neighbors network of hosts and local stakeholders that facilitate the development of Fairbnb.coop in a particular area.

Local Nodes are the engines of Fairbnb.coop, tailoring the platform to the needs of local communities, deciding on the projects that will be funded by revenues, and ensuring the cooperative’s principles are upheld.

The growth of the Fairbnb.coop ecosystem depends on the commitment and involvement of citizens: get into action!

New Year's resolutions Buoni propositi del 2021
New Year's resolutions Buoni propositi del 2021

Who we are looking for?

Our Local Ambassadors and Key Partners are people and organizations truly committed to support their local communities



  • help in defining the best sustainable policies related to short-term rentals market in the area;

  • the identification of social projects that could have a relevant impact on the local community, to be funded by our platform;

  • the involvement of hosts in the area to increase the offer and the opportunities for financing projects.



  • adhere to the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others;

  • collaborate with like-minded people in all sectors and from all cultures and with local institutions, for the development of a genuinely inclusive economy and a fair society;

  • contribute to the growth of the global network by providing insights into local regulations and cultures.

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