Getting started with is a sustainable booking accommodation platform that connects travel conscious guests with hosts and facilitates the redistribution of benefits and profits to wider communities. 

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Sustainable for everyone

While charges a similar commission to that of other platforms, it differentiates itself in terms of how that commission is split.

Half of the commission is retained by to maintain the system, while the other half is used to fund local community and social projects. 

In this way, gives both hosts and guests the opportunity to participate in a more equitable and sustainable tourism model.

Do you want to help us?

Please note that we are in Beta with an official launch scheduled for Spring 2020.

In the coming weeks, please expect the addition of new features and destinations. If you would like to help co-create the network, please consider exploring the beta and providing feedback on your user experience just by sending an email to!

We appreciate all your patience and help!

The Fairbnb Team