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A new concept of tourism: together it’s possible

Fairbnb.coop gives both travellers and locals the opportunity to participate in a more responsible and sustainable tourism model by supporting social and ecological projects for the local communities.

Real Home Sharing @ Fairbnb.coop

Responsible Homesharing

We work with local authorities to verify our hosts and with our Local Nodes to define sustainability rules to protect the community from the side effects of tourism.

Receive Funds @ Fairbnb.coop

Solidarity and Inclusion

Our local communities define the social projects that are a priority for their sustainable development. We support them with the resources generated by tourism in the area.

How Fairbnb.coop works

Like other platforms, Fairbnb.coop charges a commission.
Unlike the others, it shares it with locals.


50% of the platform’s fees are used to fund a project of your choice in the area you visit, while the rest is used by Fairbnb.coop to maintain its network and operations.

This is what we call Community Powered Tourism.

Fairbnb.coop How it works

Who we are

1. We are a cooperative. We are powered by people, activists and organizations, not faceless investors.

2. We put people over profit.

3. We are only present where local communities welcome our idea of ethical and responsible tourism.

4. We encourage cooperation between travellers and locals to offer a more authentic travel experience.

5.We work with local authorities to verify the lawfulness of all holiday homes and we promote a fair regulation of the market.

Who we are not

1. We do not encourage mass tourism that modifies ecosystems and changes local cultural identities.

2. We are not an extractive corporation that diverts resources from local communities to tax havens.

3. We are not for everyone: where necessary we exclude large real estate investors who exclusively rent to tourists.

Our Purpose

Our aim is to counteract the negative effects of mass tourism, in particular gentrification. Our idea of regenerative and sustainable tourism that put people over profit can trigger a circular economy, by redistributing profits within the community that produces them.

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