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Become a host

Do you run or want to run a lawful short term rental? Are you a manager of a small hotel, camping site, farmhouse or B&B in your hometown and would like to make it a sustainable business for you and your neighbours? is a zero commission platform that delivers great benefits for Hosts and that will ask your Guests to crowdfund a social project in YOUR own neighbourhood .

Do you have a social project in your town?

Are you a social activist in your town? Do you have projects that could improve the life of residents and help curbing the negative effect of tourism in your town?
Pre-register your social project to receive grants and funding collected from activity in your town. No project is too small or too big for, we value innovative and effective projects, with clear plans and accountability policies.

Join our community!

Through forums on our own social platform, you can meet like-minded people from all over the world, start engaging with our members, and debate core issues.

Start a Local Node!

Are you interested in being part of in your hometown?
Local nodes are networks of hosts, neighbors and entities that facilitate the development of Fairbnb in a particular area. They are the engines of, tailoring the platform to the needs of local communities, deciding on the projects that will be funded by revenues, and ensuring the cooperative’s principles are upheld.
Interested? Drop us a line at and tell us where would you like to start or join a local node!.


Our team has drafted a sustainable financial plan that will allow us to deliver our product in time and as intended. However, any further financial support would go a long way. More funds mean more developers, quicker growth and greater resources for our local nodes. You can become a core funder and member of the cooperative, or support our crowdfunding campaigns.

Find out more by contacting us at

Become a Keypartner

Commercial, cooperative and civil society entities willing to become part of our cooperative can become official local partners. These partners are tasked with performing administrative tasks, running local operations and creating a committed workforce in their area.
If you’re interested, you can find out details by contacting

Do you have an Idea? Drop us a line!


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