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“Sharing is caring” so even just following our social accounts at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.
Sharing our content will help, so why not to start from there?

Join our community

Most of the issues covered in our manifesto will be thoroughly discussed and explained in our where you will be able to meet people like you and start engaging with our team of founders and members and with curious minded people from all over the world.


Pre-Register as host or project

Become a candidate to be listed as a Host in your hometown and/or submit a social project that could be funded by Fairbnb.

Start a local node

Are you interested in being part of Fairbnb in your neighborhood? Local nodes are networks of hosts, neighbors and entities willing to invest a bit of their time helping us to establish in their area. The first mission of local nodes is to give us some inputs about the situation of vacation rental in their city and start looking for interesting social projects that would need funding from us.
Interested? Drop us a line at and tell us where would you like to start or join a local node!


Our team has drafted a sustainable financial plan that will allow us to deliver our product in time and as intended. However, more funds would mean more developers, quicker growth and more resources for our “fair-starters” that will travel the world meeting with local communities and helping them starting their local nodes.

As an Italian co-op we can only accept for the moment sovventori (funders) with a minimum investment of 4.000eur. In exchange of this capital we can offer +6% yearly interests from our 3rd year; at least 1 vote (like us founders) in our assembly; ability to be elected as a board member. Sovventori will also have the opportunity to apply as Key partners in their municipalities and will partner with us in developing their territory (ask for details at

For those who would love to help but they are not ready or willing to commit with a lot of funds soon we will also launch a “normal” crowdfunding campaign where you will be able to help us with lower contributions starting from the usual 10€ and a pat on the shoulder.

Become a Key partner

This role is meant for entities willing to become part of our cooperative as official local partner. They would be in charge of the bureaucratic and administrative tasks, run local operations and create a committed workforce in their area. This role will have some worldwide guidelines but will be heavily customized based on the needs of the community, the potential output and a development plan that we will expect from the proposing Key partner. Co-ops, B-Corp, Foundations and non extractive businesses that share our values will be welcome in this role.

Does this ring a bell? Ask for details at

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