FAQ from Hosts

Who can be a Fairbnb.coop Host?

Admission requirements can vary from city to city depending on the local issues and sustainability approach but we generally suggest to our local nodes a “one host-one home” policy. This means that unless differently specified we accept only hosts that have a maximum of one secondary house on the touristic market.

Can I be in other platforms as well?

We are not exclusive, your accommodation can be listed on Fairbnb.coop and on other platforms.

How can I list my accommodation?

Signing up to be a fairbnb.coop host is easy! First, create an account on the platform by clicking here. In the upper right corner, click “become a host” and then simply follow the prompts to apply.

FAQ from Travellers

Can I contact the Host?

Yes! You can contact the host once your booking request has been confirmed!

Is rating hosts compulsory?

You don’t “have” to rate the hosts but rating them and providing feedback does enable them to improve their accommodation and the experience for other guests in the future. 

What cities are available?

Check out available destinations and accommodations by exploring our BETA here.

I can’t find the city I’m looking for. What now?

If the city you’re looking for isn’t available, it might mean that:

  • there are not enough registered hosts in that city on the platform (we require a minimum of 10 verified faribnb.coop Hosts); 
  • that local regulations don’t allow us to operate in that area or that non Local Node has been established yet. You can help opening a Local Node by getting more info here.

General FAQ

Which kind of community projects are available?

We currently already offer quite a wide range of community projects that you can fund by travelling to our destinations. From community gardens and food surplus recovery centers to restoration of important community public spaces. You can browse them by accessing our closed beta here and by visiting each city page.

How are social projects selected?

We currently in the process of developing a democratic, open and accountable methodology for selecting community projects with the help of our local nodes and advisors. The one present on Fairbnb.coop now have been selected following the advice of our activists’ community in each pilot city.

What are local nodes?

Local Nodes are networks of hosts, neighbors and entities that facilitate the development of Fairbnb.coop in a specific area.
They are the engine of Fairbnb.coop, helping to tailor the platform to the needs of local communities, deciding on the projects that will be funded by the traveller’s contributions and ensuring the cooperative’s principles and vision are shared at a local level.
For Fairbnb.coop Local Nodes are the primary tool to promote circular economy and to build a local and organized ecosystems for a more equitable and sustainable tourism model.

Can I recommend a social project?

Community projects can be freely suggested by filling a simple form here.

Further questions?

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