Interested in travelling to Canada
and exploring its diverse landscapes?

Would you like your stay to contribute to affordable housing in communities across Canada?

With the help of Fairbnb Canada Coop, and at no extra cost, your stay will automatically help finance community land trusts that have been focusing on preserving affordable housing in our communities.

Who We Are

Fairbnb Canada Coop is the first North American partner of Fairbnb.coop. We are a Canadian workers’ cooperative with the goal of providing an innovative pathway to sustainable tourism and addressing the current crisis of housing affordability in tourist areas across Canada. 

Why Supporting Community Land Trusts Helps Housing Affordability

Communities across Canada are suffering from a lack of affordable housing. We work with community land trusts and organizations supporting community land trusts to help contribute towards affordable housing. A community land trust (CLT) is a not-for-profit organization that buys land/property/building in the form of community ownership and provides affordable rents in perpetuity. By removing properties from the speculative real-estate market, CLTs protect and expand affordable housing stock, particularly in tourist areas where residents have been facing exorbitant rent hikes and increasing rates of eviction as the result of gentrification.


In Canada, the birth of CLTs goes back to the 1980s and the cooperative housing movement. Since the mid-2010s, there has been a renewed effort to form community-based CLTs in response to the escalating affordable housing crisis in Canada. Today, a major barrier for CLTs is to raise sufficient capital to maintain their properties and develop and acquire affordable housing units.


This is where Fairbnb Canada Coop steps in! We have partnered with established CLTs and the Canadian Network Community Land Trusts and donate 50% of our service fees to these organizations to financially assist their work in sustaining and advancing affordable housing.


Learn about the history of community land trusts in Canada and how ordinary people have stepped up to protect the right to housing for all in Canada.

We donate 50% of service fees

for all bookings in Canada to local community land trusts and the Canadian Network Community Land Trust (CNCLT).

We support and promote

the fair regulation of short-term rental accommodation across Canada.

We allow

hosts to only rent their principal residences.

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