Experience Canada from Yukon to Cape Breton 
with our scattered hosts across the country.  

Book your accommodation with our incredible local hosts across Canada today and contribute to the funding of the Canadian Network of Community Land Trusts that supports  the formation and growth of community land trusts from coast to coast. located in one of the most historically unique and touristic neighbourhoods of Toronto.


Fairbnb Canada Coop

Get in touch with our Canada-at-large Ambassador to learn more about our local project/(s) and/or how to become a host in Canada-at-large!

We support affordable housing:

By allowing hosts to only rent their principal residences  and raising revenues for community land trusts, we support preserving and developing affordable housing in our communities.

We promote fair regulations and sustainable tourism:

By adhering to local regulations and avoiding corporate hosts, we promote sustainable tourism by supporting local hosts who like to rent their principal residences on a short-term basis.

We encourage inclusive local economies:

By avoiding corporate hosts, we help build sustainable tourism and promote vibrant inclusive local economies; every booking helps finance local community land trusts.

Discover Our Partner Organization that We Fund

through Sustainable Tourism Across Canada 

Travelling and Booking in
Canada Scattered Hosts 

Our hosts scattered across Canada fall under different regulations or live in jurisdictions with no regulations at all. These incredible individuals believe in the mandate of Fairbnb Canada Coop and are willing to support the CNCLT. We will work individually with hosts to research/determine what regulations they fall under.


One host = One house that is the principal residence

Less than 28 days within a 60-day period 


For guests, tourist taxes are determined based on your hosts’ municipality,  province or territory and will be calculated in the invoice. If there are no required taxes, there will be no tourist taxes applied.

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