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The Cuneo province offers visitors an immense cultural and naturalistic heritage, which you can discover at a slow pace. You can explore the ancient streets of its historical villages, as well as hiking, cycling or skiing in front of the iconic mountain that stands out from everywhere, Mount Viso.

Thinking about rural areas, we tend to focus on what’s missing there compared to cities. Our imaginary is built on the premise that urban environments are more dynamics, innovative and forward-thinking – in other words, the best places to live – while the countryside is ideal for outdoor travel and to enjoy the natural landscapes. But… what if there were people who thoughtfully decided to live and work in rural and mountain areas, and doing it sustainably? Would you want to meet them and know about their stories?

The Province of Cuneo, in Piedmont – Italy, is one of the first widespread destinations soon to be available for bookings on, and it’s exactly the place you’re looking for your outdoor travel and to listen to a different story about marginalised territories. Book your stay through, and start discovering it through the people who are setting the conditions to live a high-quality life around Mount Viso!

Cuneo outdoor travel turismo enogastronomico

An outdoor travel in a very ‘widespread’ destination

The Cuneo province, known as La Granda (The Great) for its size, offers visitors an immense cultural and naturalistic heritage, which you can discover at a slow pace. In the area of Saluzzo, you can walk uphill exploring the ancient streets and building of this historical town, as well as hiking or cycling in front of the iconic mountain that stands out from everywhere, Mount Viso.

Cuneo and its surrounding valleys tell the story of the Resistance against the fascist and the nazi power during World War II. In Mondovì, the proximity to Liguria and the sea opens vast opportunities for people and the environment to contaminate each other, giving birth to magic beauty. Finally, in Langhe you can taste some of the best wines in the world, like the famous Barolo, while appreciating the wise touch of men and women who shaped a landscape now considered a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Cuneo outdoor travel turismo enogastronomico

Food and culture, nature and outdoor

The province of Cuneo is the ideal destination for an outdoor travel, 365 days a year! In the warm season, a dense network of hiking trails awaits you, which will allow you to discover the enchanted landscapes and villages with a long Occitan tradition that shore up its valleys. In winter, the mountains on the border with France and Liguria become a paradise for ski and snowboard lovers. In every season you can enjoy the rich local cuisine: from wines to cheeses, from salami to Piedmontese beef, everything here tastes good and genuine.

Cuneo outdoor travel turismo enogastronomico

Looking back to look forward

In the second part of the XX century, rural and mountain areas have largely observed their population leaving to cities, pursuing a dream of modernity and comfort that has recently started to enter in a crisis, also due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the Cuneo Province, over the last two decades some people have looked with renewed interest to these territories, recognising their potential in offering a quiet, healthy and motivating place where to live and invest their energies.

Stories of families with kids, old and young individuals, communities…all bond by the wish to experiment a lifestyle closer to nature, not detaching themselves from the world but committed to share their choice with those interested. So, if for you travelling means an enriching experience, the Cuneo Province will not let you down: we are waiting for you for your next amazing outdoor travel!

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