World Tourism Day 2022: sustainable alternatives


As summer comes to an end, for many, tourism is just a pleasant memory or a long-term project. However, September 27 is World Tourism Day – an important date to raise awareness for the impact tourism has on our world and how we can turn it into a power of positive change.


  • September 27 is World Tourism Day
  • Rethinking tourism in a safe, equitable, climate-friendly way
  • Look for #fairalternatives when you plan your next holidays

What was the first thing that crossed your mind when you got up this morning? To get some coffee? What to do in the week that just started? Or the pleasant days spent on family vacation…just a month ago!? Whatever was on your mind, you probably weren’t thinking about the tourism industry. For those who did – thumbs up! For the rest of you a quick reminder: September 27 is World Tourism Day. Now some of you might think – so what?! And we understand: Summer over, tourism is probably the last thing on your mind.

However, we believe it’s more important than ever to raise awareness for World Tourism Day and for the impact this industry has on our planet. Tourism has suffered tremendously under the consequences of the pandemic – but we should not forget that the environment has been suffering for a long time from the negative impacts of tourism too. Talking about climate change, soil erosion, increased pollution, or discharges into the sea just to mention a few negative effects.

Seaside pollution

While many tourism stakeholders have tried to return back to “normal times” as soon as possible, others have seen 2022 as an unprecedented turning point and global call to action to accelerate the movement towards a more sustainable tourism industry. It’s not about going back to the old normal, it’s about finding better solutions for the future. But this can’t be achieved by just one company, one destination or one really thoughtful tourist that orders his beverages without a plastic straw. This movement calls for the commitment, passion, and power of every one of us.

Now when you feel overwhelmed by this thought and don’t know where to start saving the world – don’t panic. It’s much easier than you think. In fact, reading this post is already your first step to making tourism a driver for positive change. If you want to commit even more to this movement, we have some great advice for you…

World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day-Tip #1: choose the #fairalternative

There are many ways how to spend your holidays. Well, there may not have been many​ during a global pandemic, but the button line is, that there are always sustainable travel options. No matter if it’s about the means of transportation, the visited destination, or the accommodation you choose – there are many ways to make your next vacation more sustainable. Consider visiting a place that you can easily reach by car or train with a close-to-home holiday – and of course: think twice about where you book your accommodation.

Now, it’s obvious that we would like you to book via as we donate 50% of our revenue to local community projects but of course, we also encourage you to choose other sustainable holiday lettings. However, since you are already here, why not take a look at our destinations to get some inspiration for your next holidays? Check out a Treehouse in Umbria, in the heart of Italy, or a flat with a view of Mont Blanc, in France, a bio-ecological house in Belgium, or a dream Casa do Sol in Porto… on our website you can find many great vacation rentals for your escape from civilization!

Tree House casa sull'albero

Your escape from civilization in a Treehouse in Castiglione del Lago, Italy

World Tourism Day-Tip #2: tell others about sustainable tourism alternatives

Your next good cause is only a click away. Help us to raise awareness for our cooperation. The more people are involved, the more we can donate to amazing community projects such as:

  • Save the Queen by Legambiente, contributing to the repopulation of bees and the preservation of biodiversity in Italy,
  • Re-Food Foz do Douro, an NGO that aims to eliminate food waste and redistribute surpluses to the most vulnerable people and families in Porto,
  • Refugees Welcome and its effort to restore a dignified life to asylum seekers in Spain,
  • Co.Co.Farm, which aims to recover waste biomass in Liguria to transform it into clean and renewable energy and natural fertilizer,
  • Thot – Transmettre un Horizon à Tous, a French graduate school for asylum seekers and refugees in Paris.

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Sustainable Tourism

Choose your sustainable alternative

World Tourism Day-Tip #3: Support the 17SDGs

The increasing demand towards sustainability has already had a positive impact on the industry, pushing tourism suppliers to provide more and more sustainable solutions.

At we always try to encourage our community to put sustainability first which is why we try our best to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through our platform.

For those of you who consider renting their apartment on, check out our post about how you can become a sustainability hero starting from your vacation rental, then list your place on if you are not part of one of our active Local Nodes, your listing will help make happen in your area too.

World Tourism Day 17 SDGs

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

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