When in holiday in Granada, go sustainable and local

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Enjoy our tips for a responsible holiday in Granada and get ready to discover the ancient traditions of Andalusia, its culinary delights and the testimonies of the different cultures that over the centuries have given splendor to the city.

Granada traditions

Holiday in Granada? Stay local!

When it comes to where to stay during a holiday in Granada, possibilities are almost infinite, but some of them are just more responsible. 

Fairbnb.coop offers a sustainable and local community focused choice, with accommodations from local hosts that are really committed with ecological, social and economical sustainability principles. Your booking commission will help to develop local projects.

Holiday in Granada: move local

Move local

Although private transport is restricted in the old town, public transport is available. Located in Granada hills Albayzin, Sacromonte and Realejo neighborhoods seem like a kind of different towns within the city. The best way to discover their hidden wonders is on foot: get some comfortable shoes and get lost in their labyrinthic streets.

The more you walk, the more you enjoy Granada.

If you like a bit longer hikes you have some of the most beautiful routes that combine historical and natural landscapes starting and arriving from wherever you are staying in the old town. There are quite a few once in a lifetime tours to do during a holiday in Granada: the Lookouts tour, the Niño de las Pinturas graffiti tour… 

There is no more sustainable, healthy and funny way to do it, get your CO2 footprint close to 0!

Vacanza a Granada

Eat & drink local

Thirsty or hungry on the way? No rush, the whole city is full of tapas bars: relax, take your time and enjoy a deserved rest while having your drink and tapa in any of the many local bars available throughout your way.

Granadinos are almost as proud of our water quality as of our beer’s.

Coming straight from the mountains our tap water is one of the best in the country and consequently it contributes to making our local Alhambra beer becoming so popular in the whole country. Colagallo (translation of cocktail) is a great place for tasting other local beers.

If you are a wine lover, do not miss nice wines such as Calvente, Señorio de Nevada or Fontedei.

Let’s go with the foodies, gastronomy is one of the three main reasons why visitors come to Spain and Tapas has become an international trend in terms of food as it fosters socializing while eating. Do not get surprised when you are given a free tapa with your drink without ordering it: yes, Granada is one of the very few provinces in Spain where it still happens. But watch out, some places take advantage of this and overprice their drinks. Generally, avoiding places with pictures of dishes is a good decision, and of course follow your local instinct.

For sweet experiences, try the famous Pionono and Arab pastries. “Los italianos” offer the best classic ice cream in town: same quality, same flavors, same service (and same prices) as always.


A craftsman works on a Taracea unit

Holiday in Granada: enjoy local

In the town where flamenco was born, flamenco is part of its culture. Many decent flamenco local shows are offered in the old town with drinks or food included. For more serious stuff, during your holiday in Granada look for the cultural agenda.

Culture, arts, exhibitions and alternative leisure are constantly present in Granada, in a place with a 500 years old university, multiculturality and history is part of its DNA, apart from Alhambra and the nasrid heritage of the city, take your time to feel it through its cafés, markets and monuments.

Holiday in Granada: buy local

Probably two of the most valuable and traditional crafts in Granada are taracea and pottery. During your holiday in Granada you can also visit a few workshops where craftsmen still do it and contribute to the local economy and communities.


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