Who said that only big companies and governments have the means to take care of our planet and our society? Find out how you can become a sustainability hero from your sofa. Ah! And just using your brain, not your pocket!

sustainable host

Small details make a big difference in your sustainability

From our little place we all have the opportunity of being part of the solution. Every little purchase decision, every little gesture has an impact in an increasingly connected world, even more when these gestures inspire other people who also inspire others, the chain grows up. And in the tourism sector, an activity that connects people from different societies and territories, the opportunity to spread the sustainability message is invaluable.

Many changes can be made to any house or rental accommodation with minimal or no cost. Energy-efficient lighting, restored furniture or reused materials, separation and recycling of waste… But with a little bit of creativity and interest we can go even further: choose a decoration in tune with local culture or provide your guests with advice on local activities make the difference at no economic cost.

go local

Just a few of an endless list of tips on how to become a sustainable host

  • Go local: eat local, drink local, buy local and have local fun. By fostering local markets, culture and business you contribute to a more sustainable local community in your town.
  • Today in all countries there are dozens of totally reliable energy marketers with competitive rates that certify you through official accreditations that the energy you consume comes only from renewable energy sources. The cost of changing electrical supplier to me was exactly 8.55 minutes of my time. Today I have verified that my invoice is comparatively 5% lower and quality of service is the same as usual.
  • When you change an electrical appliance consider the A +++ option. Normally in a period of between 4 and 10 months you will have amortized the investment and you will begin to save on your bill, remember that the refrigerator is the only electrical appliance that works 24 hours a day.
  • Traditionally, eco-friendly cleaning products have been declined for not being effective enough, they were also priced significantly higher. Nowadays a wide range of top quality ecological cleaning products are available, they are as effective as conventional ones and as cheap as any other cleaning product.
  • Publish your listing on Fairbnb.coop, an ethical and sustainable booking platform, which reinvests profits in social projects in the territories.
  • Do you meet your tax obligations? Do you also make these or other efforts for sustainability?
  • Did you know that the actions you take are related to the United Nations Agenda 2030 and the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)?
  • Did you know you can now communicate society and your guests how your commitment with sustainability contribute to achieve the 17SDGs?

I am sure that your guests will love to know it and they will prefer to stay and recommend a responsibly managed place, do not hesitate to communicate to the clients and collaborators what is your humble contribution for the world and be part of the sustainable change, also be careful with what you wish, you can make it real.

Pedro Sanchez

Pedro Sánchez

Ecohost Founder – Fairbnb.coop local ambassador in Granada