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Collective appeal signed by the main cooperative platforms that ask for support for their model in order to counter the digital monopolies of Amazon, Uber, etc.

Do giant digital platforms like Amazon, Uber, Airbnb or Deliveroo have a positive impact on working conditions?
Do they contribute fairly to taxes?
Do they respect our territories and their ecological systems?

No, three times no.

Should we resign ourselves to the degradation they inflict on us?

Not necessarily.

Other forms of digital platforms are possible. Platforms that pay taxes where they produce value, which include local communities and users in their procedures, which respect the men and women who work with them. Platforms that protect ecosystems by not encouraging economic over-production…

Many of these platforms already exist, generally in cooperative form: CoopCircuits provides access to local products, CoopCycle offers logistics for bicycle deliveries, Fairbnb.coop deals with accommodations, Label Emmaüs allows you to buy second-hand items, Mobicoop and Railcoop allow you to move in a sustainable way. To complement this virtuous series, Commown and TeleCoop deal with more responsible digital products and phone plans that allow access to platforms, and Enercoop provides the sustainable energy needed to run servers and terminals.

Then? Are you ready to get out of the dependence and the sole denunciation of digital monopolies? To support these platforms in their move to scale and build the long-awaited alternatives to digital monopolies?

Here, it’s up to everyone to take responsibility. Local authorities are crucial to sustain the efforts in the territories. The State must play its role by firmly opposing the monopoly situations of large platforms and by providing a favourable legal framework for cooperative platforms. Mutuals or cooperative banks can help to structure financially and give visibility to their members. Users have the power to change the course of things by leaving giant platforms to move to cooperative platforms.

Each of our cooperative platforms is fully aware: we are small boats facing the colossal vessels represented by the large digital platforms. But there is no doubt that users are waiting for alternatives!

Support us!


  • Bérengère Batiot, development & communication manager of CoopCircuits
  • Emanuele Dal Carlo, co-founder and president of Fairbnb.coop
  • Eric Laclaverie, vice-president of CoopCycle
  • Adrien Montagut, co-founder of Commown
  • Julien Noé, founder of Enercoop
  • Pierre Paquot, co-founder of TeleCoop
  • Maud Sarda, co-founder and director of Label Emmaüs
  • Bastien Sibille, co-founder and president of Mobicoop

Even when you book your holiday lettings you can go local, supporting social projects for the community you will visit.

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Why Fair?

How it works:
The Host earns the same,
the Guest pays the same
but the benefits are for the whole community.

50% of our platform fee is used to fund a project of your choice for the communities you visit.

This is a what we call
Community Powered Tourism.

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