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Between the historic centre, rich in art treasures and monumental towers, and the modern soul, grown around the beaches and the marina, discover how many things to see and things to do in Savona await you, even during a few days stay in the heart of the western Italian Riviera.


Visitare Savona visit Savona

Visit Savona and the surroundings

Visit Savona in 1 day

The ideal itinerary to discover what to see in Savona in 1 day could start from the Priamàr, a sixteenth-century bastion overlooking the sea, from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the coastline, the city, and its hilly frame. Inside the fortress, now transformed into a cultural citadel, you will find the Sandro Pertini and Renata Cuneo Museum, with the artistic collections donated by the two famous Savona citizens, and an open-air arena that hosts frequent theatrical and musical events: when you visit Savona, we recommend that you check out the schedule of shows.

Among the buildings of the historic center that are worth a visit is the baroque Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, inside which you can admire a baptistery of the fifteenth century and various works of art of value, and the adjacent Sistine Chapel, built in the fifteenth century in Rococo style at the behest of Pope Sixtus IV, a native of Savona. Not far away, you will have the opportunity to discover the treasures of the MUSA – Art Museum of Palazzo Gavotti, which includes the Pinacoteca Civica and an exhibition center dedicated to ceramic works.

Going towards the sea Via Pia, ancient artery of the center, you will meet historic buildings such as the fifteenth-century Palazzo Della Rovere, which belonged to the second Pope of Savona Giulio II, and you will reach the foot of one of the symbols of the city: the Brandale Tower, also called Campanassa by the locals, which was the main one among the 50 towers around the medieval walls. On the opposite side of the marina is the Old Dock, converted since the 2000s in the living room of the city, with several restaurants, bars, and clubs where you can spend a pleasant evening.

Albissola Visitare Savona visit Savona

Albisola Superiore, Savona

Visit Savona in 2 days

If you are wondering what to see in Savona in 2 days you could start your tour from the Torre Leon Pancaldo, simply called Torretta by the locals, built in the fourteenth century in a dominant position over the port. From here begins Via Paleocapa, the main street of the nineteenth-century city and one of the shopping streets of Savona, along which you can admire the Art Nouveau facade of the Palazzo dei Pavoni and the Baroque Church of San Giovanni Battista.

At this point it is worth reaching, less than 3 kilometres away, Albissola Marina, which together with the contiguous Albisola Superiore is a centre for the artistic working of ceramics appreciated throughout the world. You can stroll through the alleys of the old town, dotted with stores and workshops, and walk along the Lungomare Degli Artisti, with a colourful mosaic pavement that will accompany you to discover the more than 4 kilometres of fine sandy beaches of the two towns. Just beyond Albissola Marina you will find Celle Ligure, a seaside resort with an enchanting historical center and a suggestive promenade along the sea front.

Among the things to see while you visit Savona you could include the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mercy, located in the immediate inland along the Letimbro Valley and built in Baroque style in the sixteenth century, following a Marian apparition. Inside you can admire a high relief in white marble attributed to Bernini and numerous other valuable works of art. On the square in front of the church there are the Antico Ospizio dei Poveri, which houses a permanent exhibition of paintings of the twentieth century, and the Museo del Santuario, which preserves an impressive collection of votive offerings related to maritime life.

Bergeggi Visitare Savona visit Savona

Bergeggi Island, Savona

Visit Savona in 3 days

If you are on the fence about what to see if you visit Savona in 3 days, consider that the City of the Popes, so named for being the birthplace of the two Renaissance Popes Sixtus IV and Julius II, is a treasure trove of sacred art, which you can discover by visiting the Oratories of the Confraternities. Here, in fact, are distributed and kept the processional “Casse” of Good Friday, imposing sculptural groups in polychrome wood dating back largely to the eighteenth century and depicting the Stations of the Cross.  Among them, do not miss the Oratory of Our Lady of the Castle and that of the Confraternity of San Domenico and the Risen Christ, both of which house works of art from the fifteenth century.

While you visit Savona your itinerary could end on the city shoreline, which starts at the foot of the historical centre with the golden sandy beaches of Prolungamento a Mare and continues westward for 4 kilometres up to Zinola, for a total of more than 30 bathing establishments united by the clear waters and the sandy seabed gently sloping. After the port of Vado Ligure, some of the most picturesque coastal resorts of the western Italian Riviera await you: Bergeggi, with the island of the same name proclaimed a nature reserve for the rich ecosystem that surrounds it, Noli, with its medieval village rich in monuments and places of interest and its quiet bay sheltered from the winds, until you reach the beautiful Finale Ligure.

traditional recipes Farinata Ricette tradizionali visit Savona

Local food in Savona: the tasty Farinata

Practical information for a holiday in Savona

Weather in Savona: The weather in Savona is favorable for most of the year, thanks to a temperate climate of the Mediterranean type: the summers are hot but not sultry, with temperatures that rarely exceed 30 ° C, while the winters are softened by the mitigating action of the Ligurian Sea, with maximum values around 10 ° C. Precipitations are distributed in all seasons, with peaks in autumn and some rare winter snowfall, while July is the least rainy month.

How to move in Savona: strategically located 40 kilometers from Genoa Airport and 2 hours from Turin and Milan, in Savona you can move easily thanks to the urban and suburban lines of the efficient local public transport service.

What to eat & drink: Savona is the city of chinotto, a typical drink with a slightly bitter taste based on the homonymous citrus fruit. You can try it at aperitif time, as an alternative to delicate white DOC wines such as Lumassina, produced in nearby Feglino, Vermentino and Pigato.
In addition to all the typical dishes of Ligurian cuisines, such as the famous pesto sauce and the many recipes based on fresh fish, while you visit Savona you should taste the traditional Ligurian fast food: the farinata, thin and crispy cake of chickpea flour cooked in a wood-burning oven, which in the local variants can be prepared with wheat flour and enriched with sausage, artichokes, or onions.

Free Wi-Fi in Savona: as well as having a connection available within your vacation rental, when you visit Savona you can take advantage of the free Liguria Wi-Fi public connection service, with several hot spots distributed in the city center.

A nature trail accessible to all: book your vacation rentals in the western Italian Riviera on to support the social project “A common path in the Terre di Nava“, promoted by a local community-based cooperative to create a nature trail in the heart of the Ligurian hinterland, sustainable and accessible to all, because it is also equipped for disabled people.
The path will consist of a circular route, which can be easily covered in about an hour; during the journey, it will be possible to immerse yourself in the colors and scents of lavender, collect it and learn about its history, discover plants and aromas.

This experience can also be lived by people who are often excluded from direct contact with nature and the feeling of well-being and freedom that this can give: a part of the donations will in fact be used for the purchase of a trekking wheelchair and for the creation of information panels in Braille.

Turismo sostenibile in Liguria Ponente visitare Savona

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