Venice Marathon and run for sustainability

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Thanks to the partnership with, runners can get a discount for the registrations for the Venice Marathon and, by booking their stay on our platform, they will support social projects in the area.

Sustainability under the sign of Leo

Starting from a deep sharing of the values of environmental and social sustainability, Venice Marathon and have signed a partnership that will increase the beneficial impact for the whole territory of the running events scheduled in the coming months: the Jesolo Moonlight Half Marathon and Family Run on 11 June, and the great Venice Marathon on 23 October.

Venice Marathon collects every year participants from all over Italy and the world, who often take the opportunity of the event to stop and visit Venice. By booking their stay on they will also support local social projects and in favor of residents in the city of the Lion of San Marco.

Choose the distance you want to run:

  • Run the 42K, the ‘queen’ of athletics distances, starting from the ‘Queen’ of the Venetian villas, Villa Pisani!
  • Try the new distance, the 21K, starting from the ‘living room’ of Mestre, Piazza Ferretto, in the shadow of the tower!
  • Run with your family and friends the 10K, the race that covers the last 10 kilometers of the Venice Marathon, starting from San Giuliano Park!

Run in Venice, crossing the Grand Canal thanks to the pontoon bridge built for the occasion, greeting St. Mark’s Square, the Basilica and St. Mark’s Bell Tower, the Bridge of Sighs, and reaching the finish line in Riva Sette Martiri! is an official partner of the Venice Marathon and you can get a discount on your registration for the Venice Marathon 42k, 21k or 10k! When booking, please enter these promotional codes:

– Marathon, Fair discount € 10:


– Half marathon, Fair discount € 5:


– 10K, Fair discount € 5:


Venice Marathon Maratona di Venezia

Venice Marathon + = Venice wins, a project born in Venice and for Venice but now widespread in many European cities, proposes a fair and sustainable tourism model based on two fundamental pillars. First of all, to counter the negative effects of mass tourism, it accepts only resident hosts and with a maximum of only one second home on the tourist market. Secondly, it donates 50% of its platform fees to local community projects, thus allowing most of the value to remain on the territory.

The athletes who will participate in the events of the Venice Marathon 2022 will thus give their contribution to one of these projects, of their choice:

  • Masegni & Nizioleti, a non-profit association of volunteers who organize cleaning days and activities aimed at protecting buildings and monuments, as well as the cultural, historical and identity heritage represented by the nizioleti.
  • Squeri San Isepo, a project that aims to recover the historic “squero grando” (large shipyard), in the heart of Castello, to its original shape and make it operational again, with the creation of a Center for the enhancement of the ancient traditional Venetian water crafts.
  • Venice Calls, a network of citizens that organizes actions to raise public awareness on sustainability issues and to get together by sharing experiences. Cleaning a beach, planting a tree … small gestures, but capable of facing the challenges of the 21st century.
  • Behind Venice, a project that aims to generate an archive of photos and videos of local Venetian artisan and artistic realities and to help them in the development of effective digital communication to spread their reputation nationally and internationally.
Venice Marathon Maratona di Venezia

The Venice Marathon race for a sustainable future

The Venice Marathon becomes more and more synonymous with sustainability. Already in 2015, the organizers’ commitment to reducing the environmental impact of running races was recognized (the first and only running event in Italy) with the ISO 20121 Certification for the management of sustainable events.

Over the years, the “Enjoy Respect Venice” awareness campaign has resulted in invitations to participants to adopt behaviors that respect the environment and citizens at all times of the event.

In 2020 Venice Marathon was chosen by the Veneto Region as a pilot event for the “Zero Waste Blue” environmental and territorial protection project, which aims to reduce waste production, encourage the use of public transport, eliminate paper waste, and much more. Part of the registration fee for the Family Run is donated to the Jesolo-based humanitarian organization Caritas.

Starting in 2021, when the partnership with was launched, a new piece was added, making Venice Marathon events sustainable even at the end of the race.
Take advantage of the event to visit Jesolo, to do a tour of the “Bàcari in Venice together with locals, to toast together with the other athletes with a Spritz, the world famous Venetian aperitif.

Venice Marathon Maratona di Venezia

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Why Fair?

How it works:
The Host earns the same,
the Guest pays the same
but the benefits are for the whole community.

50% of our platform fee is used to fund a project of your choice for the communities you visit.

This is a what we call
Community Powered Tourism.

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