Vacations in Italy? On even bees find a home

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The Save the Queen campaign by Legambiente aims to save the queen bees and to give a home to thousands of bees in danger of extinction: just organize your vacations in Italy and book your B&Bs and holiday homes on to support Save the Queen, which promotes beekeeping practiced in a responsible manner, contributing to the repopulation of bees and the preservation of biodiversity.

Based on a deep sharing of the values of solidarity, social sustainability, and circular economy, has chosen to support the Save the Queen campaign by Legambiente: the beneficial impact generated by those who plan their vacations in Italy will fall on this important campaign for the protection of bees and biodiversity: just choose a b&b or a holiday home in Italy on!

vacations in Italy vacanze in Italia

Bees, ecological sentinels, must be protected

Bees are precious friends of the environment in which we live and play a fundamental role in safeguarding the biodiversity and of our ecosystems. Not only do they produce honey: with their pollination work they contribute to the cultivation of thousands of types of vegetables and fruits. In Europe, about one-third of food depends on pollinating insects such as bees.

Climate crisis, pollution, monocultures, and pesticides are increasingly threatening bees. In the last 10 years, about 10 million hives have disappeared in the world, of which 200,000 in Italy alone.

Antwerp city in the winter

Vacations in Italy give home even to bees

The Save the Queen campaign by Legambiente can now count on the solidarity support of travelers and the network of sustainable hosts of all those who organize their vacations in Italy will contribute to the cause.

In destinations where the Local Nodes of are not yet active, half of the platform’s commission can in fact be donated to OXFAM Italy’s “Nobody Excluded” programme or Legambiente’s “Save the Queen” campaign, at the traveller’s choice.

Beehives will be purchased to be donated to beekeepers selected according to important environmental criteria, such as the adhesion to organic certification systems, the application of bee management techniques respectful of animal welfare, the choice to privilege the quality and healthiness of the honey produced rather than the maximization of yields.

This promotes the production and consumption of organic and zero-mileage honey

vacations in Italy vacanze in Italia

Learn more about Legambiente

Legambiente is a non-profit association, made up of citizens who care about the protection of the environment in all its forms, the quality of life, a more equitable, fair and supportive society. A large non-partisan movement made of people who, through volunteering and direct participation, promote change for a better future. Legambiente has founded its mission on scientific environmentalism, collecting thousands of data about our ecosystem from below, which are the basis of every complaint and proposal.

For more than 40 years Legambiente has been fighting for a better world, fighting against pollution, illegality, and injustice for beauty, protection, and a better quality of life.

vacations in Italy vacanze in Italia

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50% of our platform fee is used to fund a project of your choice for the communities you visit.

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