Vacation rentals and BNB top the list:10 tips for Fair Hosts

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When a traveler searches for a BnB in an extended region, the results can be dozens or hundreds. How to be the first of the Fair Hosts and be immediately found? Our platform wants to be transparent in this as well: here is how the scores that determine the order of results are attributed.

Fair Hosts should first consider that travelers can choose to view vacation rentals and BnB listings in order of price. Therefore, it’s best to offer the best possible price, also because the Zero commissions on makes the bookings received on our platform equivalent to those obtained through direct channels:

Hosts earn the same, but the benefits are for the entire community.

Also take into account that with you can receive travelers who respect local cultures and are sensitive to the ecological footprint of their holidays.

Our previous tips for becoming a sustainable Host, ready to welcome responsible travelers, still apply.

Vacation rentals and BnB listings are then assigned a score that determines the order of “recommended” results within a destination. The scoring is calculated as follows, but we are open to any suggestions for improving these criteria.

SPOILER: newly registered vacation rentals receive a bonus score!

BnB vacation rentals case vacanza

Mariana receives her first Fair Guest in Vilassar del Mar

1. Reviews received by the vacation rentals (weight 5)

Reviews received by hosts are taken into account primarily to remove poorly performing BnB rather than to promote good vacation rentals in the search results.
The approach is that a warm and attentive welcome is the minimum expected from a Fair Host, whereas an ill-reception must be heavily penalized. We take into account the average score of the Fair Host, which is averaged by the total number of ratings received.

2. BnB calendar update (weight 4)

The fact that the calendar has been updated recently provides greater certainty as to the reliability of the availability of the listing. The more recently the calendar has been updated, the better the score. When calendar sync is implemented, it has the same value as a recent calendar update.

With up-to-date calendars, we can satisfy our responsible travelers by offering BnBs and vacation rentals that are actually available, without creating unnecessary delays: since does not do instant bookings, it can take up to 48 hours for a request to be accepted.

3. Acceptance rate (weight 4)

The acceptance rate of the host is the percentage of requests that she/he has accepted, regardless of the outcome of the booking.
Paris vacation rentals bnb

Travelers meet locals at the Atelier in Paris.

4. Transactions completed by the vacation rentals (weight 4)

The number of successful transactions is calculated on the basis of the number of wire transfers that have been authorized in relation to the total number of bookings of the vacation rentals that have been accepted.

5. Message response rate (weight 4)

To calculate the response rate, we calculate the number of messages sent by the Fair Host divided by the total number of messages in his inbox.

6. Response time (weight 4)

Taking into account response times allows us to favor the most responsive hosts. The promptness is calculated on a thread by thread basis, based on the time between the last message received and the response given. If no answer has been given, no time is not taken into account. The shorter the response time the higher the attributed score.

7. Vacation rentals listings completion rate (weight 4)

Listing completion takes into account the amount of information provided by the host about the vacation rentals: is at least one attribute selected? Does the BnB description contain more than 250 characters? Does it have more images than the minimum required?

8. Host profile completion rate (weight 3)

Profile completion takes into account the amount of information that the host has completed about herself or himself: does her/his presentation text contain more than 250 characters? Has She/he added images to the profile?

9. Vacation rentals newcomer bonus (weight 3)

In order to identify new BnB and give them a chance, a newcomer bonus is awarded to vacation rentals submitted in the last 30 days.

10. Random bonus (weight 2)

In order to prevent search results crystallization, and in order to give a second chance to unsuccessful vacation rentals, a random bonus is awarded to 5% of the platform’s listings. This bonus is reallocated every day. The bonus is awarded at random. A BnB with a random bonus is randomly assigned a rating of 1 to 5.

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Why Fair?

How it works:
The Host earns the same,
the Guest pays the same
but the benefits are for the whole community.

50% of our platform fee is used to fund a project of your choice for the communities you visit.

This is a what we call
Community Powered Tourism.

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