UK holidays supporting
Big Issue Foundation to fight poverty

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Our collaboration with the Big Issue Foundation (BIF) works to source homes, not just for holidays. Increasingly, individuals across the UK are suffering fuel, food and social poverty. will support BIF in their mission towards poverty prevention.

UK holidays helping the Big Issue Foundation
Big Issue Foundation


The Big Issue Foundation is a lifeline for those who find themselves in turmoil.
Becoming a Big Issue vendor is one example of opportunities created by The Big Issue. They can generate an income from selling in towns and cities across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and engage with others in their local community.

Now you can #BeTheChange and help make this happen both by organising your UK holiday and by offering hospitality through

UK holidays helping the Big Issue Foundation

UK holidays? Stay local!

Wherever you choose to visit in the UK, fifty percent of commission is forwarded to a social project when you book your B&B or cottage. In UK holiday destinations where is yet to establish a Local Node, the Big Issue Foundation will receive a financial donation allowing them to continue their incredible work to support others. presents to you the definition of community-powered tourism.

“On 1st June, I was given keys to my own flat. A place to call home. The Big Issue helped me to see myself differently. What the Big Issue does is absolutely inspirational, and it’s transformed my life.”

Annabel – Glasgow

UK holidays helping the Big Issue Foundation

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Responsible Tourism: UK holidays of the future

Since 1995, over thirty thousand Big Issue vendors have used the Big Issue Foundation’s free “Hand Up” service to access support with housing, wellbeing, health care, finances and budgeting, citizenship and navigating online internet resources. Their journeys may continue through the “New Futures” initiative which facilitates fundamental education and training, volunteering and employment opportunities.

During a cost of living crisis and great deal of uncertainty, we must protect the precious limited resources we have. As BIF empowers individuals to find their feet again, empowers the whole community to protect their towns and villages, and regain their stand towards responsible tourism.

“When I first started selling the magazine I didn’t know how to speak English properly. But selling the Big Issue has made me feel good about speaking English. Its helped me with a lot of things…helped me to make friends. People support me. I support them. I like to do a lot of things for customers like carrying their shopping to the car or helping them to cross over the road. I feel like part of the community”

John – Coventry

UK holidays helping the Big Issue Foundation

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We Are All One Community

Vendors are the resounding voices on the streets of our communities, come rain or shine. When the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown struck, their daily routines stopped. Their only lifeline. The Big Issue Foundation team check in with the vendors over the phone: in 2021 over half raised concern over their mental health and loneliness. Other themes they discuss include foodbank referrals, addiction management, and personal or family relationships.

The partnership between and Big Issue Foundation offers yet another stream of income to Big Issue vendors, inviting them to become Fair ambassadors, setting up their own Local Node. We believe everyone deserves to feel at home, wherever they are: establishing sustainable tourism at a grassroots level is key to adding value to the wellbeing and lives of locals, as well as the quality of experience for visitors during their UK holidays.

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Rebecca Wiles

UK Community Coordinator | Local Ambassador | Essex & Suffolk
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Why Fair?

How it works:
The Host earns the same,
the Guest pays the same
but the benefits are for the whole community.

50% of our platform fee is used to fund a project of your choice for the communities you visit.

This is a what we call
Community Powered Tourism.

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