Your next holidays in Spain can support a refugee project!

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You do not have to be Santa Claus to bring joy to people or create Christmas miracles for people in need. With our new national project in Spain, travellers can now turn their next holiday in Spain into a gift for asylum seekers and refugees! Scattered hosts in Spain can offer their holiday homes on our fair exchange platform to support refugees across the country.

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Supporting Refugees with holidays in Spain

In times of crisis, fear, distrust, and personal isolation are common responses to ongoing uncertainty. But there are courageous people who nevertheless remain true to their values and stand up for those whose voices often go unheard. Refugees and asylum seekers have been among the most vulnerable people in our society since the outbreak of the corona.
The members of the social project Refugees Welcome Spain already advocate for a respectful welcome of refugees in their country and help facilitate the process of resettlement. And since November 2021, our Fair hosts and travelers can also support the mission! The social project and the sustainable short-term rental platform both believe in the importance of genuine hospitality and the power of social inclusion on a societal level.
Previously, travelers in Spain could only support projects in Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, and Girona Empordà, but with Refugees Welcome’s support, new, dispersed hosts can also list their homes on to support the social project. In addition, active Refugee hosts currently waiting to host a new refugee can bridge the wait by hosting tourists to earn extra income and support the project.

holidays in Spain

About Refugees Welcome in Spain

Refugees Welcome Spain firmly believes that refugees should not be stigmatized and excluded by being housed in overcrowded accommodation. Instead, we should offer them a warm welcome. Their aim is to put displaced people/refugees/asylum seekers in contact with local citizens who want to share their homes with them in conditions of mutual respect.
Refugees Welcome Spain believes that sharing a home gives rise to an exceptional space for enrichment with advantages for both parties: the displaced people/ refugees can live in suitable homes, improve their language, get to know the local culture closely and create networks and adapt to the new environment more easily. For those who open their houses, it offers a new experience, cultural exchange, the possibility of learning languages and, of course, the opportunity to lend a hand personally.
Right now the international network of Refugees Welcome is present in 16 countries: 13 from the European Union (Germany, Austria, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Northern Ireland and France) and Canada, Australia and Japan.
More than 1,600 coexistence have been carried out, actually 117 in Spain, where there are currently 6 territorial teams in Cataluña, Madrid, Balearic Islands, Valencia, Murcia and Galicia. Refugees Welcome Spain started in August 2015 with a clear objective: to create spaces for coexistence between locals and displaced people.

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List your vacation rentals in Spain on

You do not have to be Santa Claus to bring joy to people or create Christmas miracles for people in need. It’s often the small gestures that make people feel supported, understood, and appreciated. With, you can easily share this Christmas spirit with many local, social projects by simply booking or listing your holiday home on our fair platform or sharing the message in your circle of friends and family.
Every booking counts and helps us create a better and more responsible tourism model where we put people above profit and support those in need. So far our active Hosts support the social projects Orriols Convive (Valencia), Arrels Fundació (Barcelona), Centre de lleure El Dofí (Girona-Emporadà), Donkeydreamland (Malaga), Placeta Games (Granada). From now on Hosts and travelers in Spain can also support the national project Refugees Welcome.

holiday in october in Bari vacanze a ottobre

Where to visit Spain in the winter season

Most people think about skiing, cold weather and hot beverages when they plan their winter holiday. But our fair destinations in Spain will enchant your next holiday with a totally new winter charm. So what about a trip to beautiful Valencia? It is the third-largest city in Spain! Situated on the southern coast of Spain, Valencia’s history dates back more than 2000 years and was originally founded as a Roman colony. Valencia is truly a city with something for everyone. Popular activities include visiting The City of Arts and Sciences or the state-of-the-art aquarium, “L’Oceanographic”. And did you know: Valencia is the birthplace of paella, popular Spanish seafood and rice dish. Experience Valencia like a local by staying in one of our fair holiday homes!

Provided you are not after snow, Barcelona is a great choice for a festive holiday. There are a number of delicious seasonal specialties to try: Turrón, Embotits, Cava – but ask a Barcelona resident who makes the best escudella i carn d’olla and he’ll tell you his grandmother’s name. Despite the winter season, the sun is usually shining and during the day you can easily enjoy a caña on one of the city’s many street terraces. Various markets are held throughout the city (most notably the Santa Lucia Market in front of the Gothic Cathedral) and the Montjuic Magic Fountain is part of Barcelona’s decorative lights with a special water and music display on weekend evenings. Last but not least, some memorable Catalan festive traditions are the caganer, figurine of a squatting peasant who does a plop in the nativity scenes, and the Tió de Nadal – a log you have to beat with a stick before it poops your presents.

Another Must-Visited place in Spain is for sure Màlaga! The Andalusian city that gave birth to Pablo Picasso, as well as Victoria Kent and Pepa Flores, located almost at the tip of the Iberian Peninsula, will reveal you all the charm of its traditions. The city is dominated by the fourteenth-century Gibralfaro Castle, which rises on top of the homonymous mountain: from the walkway along the walls you can enjoy a unique view. At the foot of the fortress, connected by a zigzag path called La Coracha, lies the Alcazaba, a citadel built by the Arabs around the year 1000. A short distance away you will also find the Roman Theater and the Renaissance Palazzo della Dogana, home to Malaga’s archaeological and fine arts museums. And if you visit Malag during the Christmas season make sure to try “Borrachuelos” – a typical Christmas sweet from the city. Even though people eat them all year round, they are a traditional food during Christmas time. The reason for their name is because they are soaked in wine and anisette (borracho meaning “drunk”). Excited to discover Màlaga?

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