Travel to Malaga: enjoy the local charm in a sustainable way


If you want to combine a visit to the sea with good sunny days, quiet streets to walk and see how the legacy of the Roman and Arab civilizations coexist with the urban art of the XXI century, it’s time to plan your travel to Malaga.

Your sustainable vacation rentals in Malaga

Malaga is the fifth most populated city in Spain. It is also the gateway to the famous Andalusian Costa del Sol, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, both for people who travel to Malaga looking for maximum luxury, as well as those looking for maximum savings. That means that vacation rental options in Malaga and its neighboring cities are plentiful, but not all of them are responsible and sustainable.

For your travel to Malaga, book a vacation rental that generates a positive impact on the local community: take a look at the accommodations we offer on

On our platform, we connect you with hosts who want to contribute to building a sustainable tourism ecosystem. And part of the commission you pay when you book goes to support community projects in this region such as Donkey Dreamland, which aims to provide a home for donkeys free from pain and suffering, surrounded by people who offer love and respect in a calm and tranquil setting.

Travel to Malaga donkey

Walk or cycle among fortifications, palaces and museums

The historic center of Malaga is located next to the coast, so it is ideal for walking or cycling. The city’s bicycle loan system is only for holders of the urban transport card, but you can find several bike rental stores such as the Recyclo Bike Café, which is also a café, restaurant and repair shop.

During your trip to Malaga you are interested in doing an architectural-historical itinerary?

You can start with the unmissable Alcazaba, a fortress of Muslim legacy that houses several palaces and adjoins the Roman theater, the next stop of the day. Take a look at the theater program: it’s a great opportunity to spend the evenings outdoors.
Then it’s time to walk along the lively Alcazabilla street and stroll through the historic center to the Plaza de la Constitución, next to the famous Larios street. Then you can go down to the sea and cool off with a stroll through the subtropical gardens of the Alameda Park, and finish in the gardens of the town hall, which is a neo-baroque palace.
Finally, you can cross to the area of the docks to visit the Malaga headquarters of the Pompidou Art Center and enjoy the afternoon in a café with a terrace by the sea.

Travel to Malaga Vacaciones en Málaga

Travel to Malaga and enjoy local art and cultures

Many tourist guides stick to the more traditional side of Malaga, between castles, gardens, and more classical museums. But the urban context, vibrant with contemporary art and multidisciplinary initiatives, is worth discovering during your travel to Malaga.

A must stop is the contemporary art center La Térmica, in the southern part of the city. Here you can enjoy concerts, exhibitions, theater, courses, and more.

Other multi-purpose spaces include the MVA Cultural Center, which promotes Malaga art, and the La Brecha incubator, a commercial and exhibition space that hosts workshops on fashion, art, music, painting, ceramics, and other handcrafted creations by local artists: you can buy here a sustainable souvenir of your travel to Malaga.

Travel to Malaga Vacaciones en Málaga

Travel to Malaga? Don’t miss the typical and seasonal dishes

During your travel to Malaga you can not miss exploring the rich local gastronomy. If you like seafood, you have to try the classic espeto de sardinas asadas (grilled sardines) in a “chiringuito“, that is, one of the beach kiosks along the coast of Malaga, or the ensalada malagueña with boiled potato, cod, oranges and olives.
If you are looking for some vegan options, we recommend the sopa de ajo blanco (white garlic soup) or the porra antequerana, a fresh soup that you can order without its animal-based dressing.

Vacaciones en Málaga chiringuito sardinas

During your travel to Malaga, take a trip to the surrounding area

If you have time, how about getting to know other corners of the province? An hour or less from the capital, you can change the atmosphere and enjoy other very special local experiences.
For a day in the mountains, go to the natural park of Torcal, north of Malaga, which offers several routes in a unique rocky scenery. Also in the north you will find the largest lagoon in Andalusia, the Fuente de la Piedra, where there is a huge colony of flamingos.

If you love animals, you can follow the itinerary of your travel to Malaga by visiting Donkey Dreamland, a donkey rescue center in the middle of nature in the province of Mijas. This center carries out rural tourism activities in the company of donkeys, such as walks, excursions, yoga, recreational meetings with live music and local gastronomy.

If sustainable adventure tourism is your thing, you can start climbing in a via ferrata in the Tajo de Ronda, a rock route with steps and unparalleled views. And we cannot forget the route of the “Caminito del Rey“: it is a pass built in the walls of the Gaitanes Gorge, between the municipalities of Ardales, Alora and Antequera, in the province of Malaga.

Travel to Malaga Vacaciones en Málaga
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