Once there was no love lost between Venice and Genoa. In the Middle Ages the two maritime republics were always in conflict to dispute each other’s control over the Mediterranean: they had fought less among themselves, modern history would perhaps have had other players!

Genoa and Venice, however, are “two mirror cities”, which have their cradle, their fortune, their destiny in the sea. Their ports have for centuries been a crossroads for travelers, therefore of stories, traditions and languages. Diversity, travel and the desire for discovery are in the DNA of the two cities.

Nettuno's Fountain in Bologna

A responsible travel passes through Bologna

For the “Serenissima” and the “Superba” the time has come to forge an alliance and to work together, to face the challenges of the present and build a more sustainable future. As headquarters was chosen Bologna, where the Statue of Neptune, mythological god of the seas, towers: the Fair Bnb Network is also located here, a cooperative born with the aim of revolutionizing tourism, putting resident communities and their needs at the center.

How? Through a booking platform, Fairbnb.coop, which promotes the circular economy by devoting half of the commissions to projects with high social impact in the territories visited by travelers.

Holiday homes on Fairbnb.coop, at the service of the communities

Travel to Venice: Basilica di San Marco

Travel to Venice

Thanks to Fairbnb.coop you can book a holiday home in Venice to capture the timeless charm of the lagoon city and discover the treasures distributed on the mainland, while helping residents to continue living in their communities.

Travel to Bologna

Travel to Bologna

Fairbnb.coop also offers several pied-à-terre and bed and breakfast in Bologna with single rooms, comfortable bases for discovering the sparkling evenings of the Emilian capital, as well as spacious holiday homes, where even large families can find their accommodation.

Travel to Genova: San Lorenzo

Travel to Genoa

On Fairbnb.coop it is possible to organize a stay in a B&B or a holiday home in Genoa, both in the historic center and in the suburban neighborhoods, as well as in some of the most enchanting villages scattered along the Riviera and in the hinterland of Liguria.

With Fairbnb.coop extraordinary and ethical travel experiences

In an ideal itinerary from the Adriatic to the Tyrrhenian Sea passing through the Po Valley, the opportunities for responsible travels are therefore numerous. Venice, Bologna and Genoa, the three Italian pilot cities of the Fairbnb.coop international platform, can be the starting point for a conscious holiday dedicated to nature, culture and taste, but respectful for residents.

Wonderful places await us, often hardly beaten by the mass of tourists, and communities ready for a true cultural exchange. Regularly registered hosts, attentive to the most rigorous hygiene and safety measures, are ready to welcome us to reveal the secrets of their territories. We just have to pack our bags and book a Fair holiday!