3 Best travel tips for your WOW moments: near you, and fair

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In our recent campaign we encourage people to go travel: for food, for becoming one with a foreign culture, for love, for the adventure and well, also for the… WOW. But what are those WOW moments during our travels? And more importantly: how do we discover them?


Many of us travel to find new places, to get to know unknown cultures, or to experience exciting moments that simply leave us in awe. We seek to discover the undiscovered and are constantly looking for the best travel destinations and moments that take our breath away. Moments, we can feed on long after we have returned from our vacations and stories that will impress our friends and colleagues. Moments that enlighten our sometimes too normal and unspectacular daily lives.

Those moments aren’t always extraordinary or breathtaking. But they always touch our heart and soul and make us think, reflect, and grow. The truth is that those WOW moments can be found every day and all around us. So instead of traveling far and pursuing the best travel and big WOW moments in an exotic place, let us give you some inspiration on how you can find your next WOW moment just around the corner.

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1st best travel tip for your WOW moments: go near not far

Our daily lives seem to leave little place for the extraordinary and there is nothing left to discover around our well-known hometown or neighborhood. Or is there?

One reason why we encounter more WOW moments on our holidays might be because we are open to discover and see new things, open to look closer and to question what might be behind the next corner. In our normal surroundings, there is little we don’t know. It’s easy to take our surroundings for granted and follow the same paths every day. We know the fastest way to public transportation, the closest supermarket, and that one restaurant that sells food after midnight. But on holidays everything is new waiting for you to be seen for the very first time.
So here is a question to you: when was the last time that you took a walk in your neighborhood with open eyes? When was the last time that you actively tried to discover something new where you live or checked out the next bigger city close to where you live? When was the last time you questioned if there was a better restaurant or maybe a new way to get to the grocery store? Be curious and get off your beaten tracks and we assure you: you will find your WOW moment.

Do you want to share your WOW moment from your local neighborhood with our community and in this way, inspire people in your area to rediscover their town? Get in touch with our team and support us in promoting unknown places in your area, helping declutter tourism hubs, supporting local businesses in less known areas and sparking WOW moments.

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2nd best travel tip for your WOW moments: meet new people

Of course, some of those WOW moments are attached to a unique landscape, a monumental building, or any other form of human accomplishment. However, many of those special WOW moments don’t need much extraordinary or foreign influence. Some of the most exciting, breathtaking, and memorable moments are created when people come together, connect on a deeper level, and exchange stories of their lives.
Well, we know what you might think now: it is so much easier to be motivated to talk to strangers when we are on holiday. Especially when we travel alone, we are even more open or curious to interact with fellow travelers or locals at our holiday destination. We are much more open to listening to people’s stories and experiences, their culture which is, of course, unknown to us, and normally we are also keener on sharing personal insights about us and our lives – after all, we might never see them again after our best travel so what is the harm about being open and honest?
But did you ever give people around your neighborhood the same opportunity to WOW you with their stories? Think about it: When was the last time you genuinely had a discussion or just a nice chit-chat with a stranger on the street or an employee of a restaurant or a store? The good news is you don’t have to travel far for these uplifting experiences. You only have to open up, stop rushing from one appointment to the other, and give your community the chance to create WOW moments together.

For those who live close to our active FAIR destinations – why don’t you check out our social projects in your area? Not just online on our website but maybe visit them personally to meet with interesting people who support their community. We guarantee you that you will get to hear interesting new stories and if you are lucky, also a new WOW moment.

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3rd travel tip for your WOW moment: be present

You don’t have to see the famous Eiffel Tower or the exotic beaches of Thailand to get your best travel WOW moment. Moreover, the journeys on the long distances are unsustainable for the planet because they have a strong impact on climate change. Sometimes it is already enough to be aware of the little things that surround you. Don’t get us wrong, of course it is an amazing feeling to see the famous monument for the first time yourself and of course nature can easily take our breath away. But sometimes it can be way easier to be “wowed” in life.
Don’t travel far – travel fair and make sure to focus on details in your surroundings. Don’t rush – take your time when you are on the road and most importantly: minimize any kinds of distractions! Keep your music and phone away when you are outside or with people and be present in the moment.

Tell us about your best travel tips to experience those WOW moments during holidays or at home or explain us what makes a moment to a WOW moment for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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