Planning your next solo female traveler adventure? Nice! For those who are worried to feel lonely along their journey, check out our 5 tips to easily meet new people!

Starting your trip as a solo female traveler can feel quite strange and even a bit intimidating in the beginning. What if you get bored? What if you miss hanging out with others? What if you suddenly feel the urge to rent a tandem bike and can’t find a cycling partner? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back and prepared 5 insider tips on how to meet new people during your solo trip. Spoiler – the more of these you try out the more awesome connections you can have on your next female solo travel adventure

App per viaggi da sola

For a beginner solo female traveler: use an app

Too shy to break the ice with random people on the street? Don’t worry, you are not alone! In fact, many solo female travelers are facing the same problem as you do. Just take a quick look at your app store and search for “solo traveler” apps. Do you see what we are talking about? The list goes on and on including specialized app for solo female travelers like NomadHer and famous apps like SoloTraveller, Meetup or Travello helping you to connect with fellow travelers and even provide discounts for accommodation or local experiences.

Some may argue, that using an app is like cheating and using a digital device is contradictive to the idea of traveling alone. We believe, that solo travelling is all about making new and exciting experiences that stay for you for a lifetime. So, who cares how you end up with that stranger talking about god and the world until 4 o’clock in the morning on “La Rambla” in Barcelona as long as you are enjoying yourself!

Host donne

Ask your host

The advantage of holiday rentals compared to hotels is that you enjoy the luxury of having your very own holiday consultant. Our dedicated hosts from are locals who have lived in your visited destination for several years, providing you with awesome insider tips that help you to avoid the usual tourism traps and encourage you to experience the true soul of their city. Furthermore, our one-house-one-host policy attracts hosts that do not only see the financial benefit of holiday lettings but also enjoy sharing their knowledge about their culture. Especially renting a room in a shared apartment offers you great opportunities to get in contact with your local host.

Our website also displays the host of each holiday home, giving you the chance to look specifically for female companionship to make you feel even more comfortable during your stay. For example, you can choose Elisa’s Apartment in Valencia, situated 5min walking to the beach and 8min to the metro station, one of Ilaria’s King Rooms in the Cinecittà district in Rome, or an amazing room on Margreet’s Houseboat in Amsterdam: she will give you also a bike to visit the city. In Venice you can book a stay in Venetian Nest di Isotta: you will enjoy an indipendent flat, but she lives in the same 18th century house, ready to give you all the advice you need. In Bologna you will find both entire holiday home, such as the Silvia’s cheap apartment, and cozy single rooms, like the one in Mirna’s B&B, while in Liguria you can choose one of the many female host who manage bed and breakfast and holiday lettings in Genoa and surroundings: Barbara, Raffaella, Nirmala, Antonella, Nicoletta, Anna Maria, Domitilla, Chiara and Manuela, just to name a few.


Attività per donne

Look for free trial lessons and local events

Are you into Yoga? Have you ever wanted to try out Karate or are you a passionate Freeletics fan? You can find many activities within a city that allow you to pursue your hobby or try out new things while enjoying the company of locals. Whether it’s a sportive activity, a poetry slam or a wine tasting event, it will definitely be a great authentic local experience which you will not find in any tourism guide. Plus, it’s a great way to get in contact with likeminded people. And if you have troubles to find local sport clubs or upcoming events, just ask your host – they will be happy to help you!

smiling solo female traveler


This might sound cheesy but sometimes a smile is the easiest way to connect with a stranger and a great way to practice getting out of your comfort zone. Smiling at random people in the street can definitely feel odd in the beginning but just give it a try. The more often you do it the more comfortable you will feel and the reactions you get from people are sheer beautiful. If you are laughing right now! Great! Just keep practicing and send out your biggest smile to the next stranger you will meet. You will see that this gesture is amazingly contagious and can be the beginning of a beautiful conversation or just a sweet way to cheer up someone’s day for a moment.

Solo female traveler

Solo female traveler? Enjoy the silence

Of course, it’s totally up to you how you spend your holidays and if you seek companionship – you go, girl! But one of the best things about traveling alone is the time you get to spend with yourself. So, pack your suitcase, check out our local hosts and get ready for an unforgettable time with yourself – the best travel partner you will ever have! Oh, and don’t forget to bring your lovely smile 😉

Isabel Duregger

Isabel Duregger