With today we start our roundup on social projects that have already joined Fairbnb and that will soon be possible to be supported through our portal.

Venice, as you may know, is a city subjected to an enormous tourist pressure and not always guests and residents of this city treat it with due respect. The Association Masegni & Nizioeti was born with the aim of educating citizens and guests to respect the city and to involve them in concrete actions of cleaning and restoration not only of the immense artistic and monumental heritage of the city but also of more humble and mundane buildings that often come forgotten.

in their words:

Our activity goes in two directions. On one hand, it is aimed at obtaining the preservation and restoration of the cultural, historical and identity heritage, represented by the nizioleti (typical venetian road signs). In this regard, the Association has in fact acted constructively, also at the institutional level, for the correction of errors and inaccuracies in the writing of the nizioleti, asking also and in part obtaining the reuse, in the graphic representation, of the spoken Venetian without double letters, in accordance with the popular oral tradition. On the other hand, the Association is engaged in a fight to combat phenomena such as the contamination, damage and defacement of the city. For years, its members have participated in the national days of Cleaning Day organized by the National Antigraffiti Association, choosing significant places in Venice, defaced by tags that are removed with targeted interventions. Added to these are numerous cleaning interventions aimed at sensitizing public opinion and institutions so that everyone, within their own sphere and task, feels involved and responsible for the decorum and the custody of a unique and extraordinary reality that the World envy.

Together with the representatives of the Association we are deciding the type of intervention for which we will ask the contribution from our users, it could be a defined objective, such as the materials for a cleaning day, or a continuous contribution that allows them to expande their actions all year through.

Another idea we are working on is to facilitate participation of our future Guests in the cleaning days organized by Masegni & Nizioeti in order to involve them even more in the city that will host them even for a few days.


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