Linda Serra is the founder and CEO of Work Wide Women, an innovative start-up that (since 2014) supports women and companies providing smart solutions in diversity & inclusion.

We asked Linda to tell Foreign Sisters, one of the social projects proposed by the Bologna node that will be possible to support when the our new platform will be online.

Progetto riconosciuto da UNHCR con il logo “Welcome. Working for refugee integration”, premio assegnato alle aziende che favoriscono l’inserimento lavorativo e sociale dei beneficiari di protezione internazionale.
The first Foreign Sisters trained thanks to Work Wide Women

Fairbnb: Thank you for asking to support the second edition of Foreign Sisters. Our original mission is to make the places where we operate a better place: everywhere and everything can be improved by our actions. How can your project integrate with our vision?

Linda: Foreign Sisters is a digital inclusion project aimed at the weaker sections of society. During October to December 2016, we launched the project teaching basic digital training to women asking for refugee and asylum status so they can insert themselves into the labour market and find positions that fit their skill levels.

Fairbnb: Who is Foreign Sisters addressed to?
Linda: The subjects involved in this project are women seeking asylum and foreign women who need a basic digital culture to strengthen their ability to integrate into society. This project aims to be repeatable every year and replicated on a larger scale: involving more partners and inserting more hours of teaching.

Fairbnb: How does Foreign Sisters promote the integration of migrant women into the labour market?
Linda: At the end of the course, each participant had a basic knowledge of some office programs, was able to create an Italian curriculum vitae, an accurate linkedin profile and a video presentation of herself to be submitted to potential employers in various sectors. Some of the participants subsequently held interviews with various companies and Work Wide Women also supported them during the phase of the job search process.

Fairbnb: In the first years of activity you have received important awards, who are your ideal partners?
During the last 2 years, Work Wide Women has been honored with some prestigious awards, including ‘Welcome. Working for Refugee Integration ‘by UNHCR, the Responsible Innovators Award of the E.R. and the Gender Equality & Diversity Prize for Equality and Human Rights.

The first edition of the project took place in collaboration with the US Embassy in Rome, TIM WCAP Accelerator Bologna, Lai Momo Onlus Cooperative, Synergie Italia, Google Italia.

We hope that the partnership with will enable us to carry on the project second edition.

Linda Serra CEO of Work Wide Women, Bologna

Work Wide Women (, the first social learning platform dedicated to training women on new web professions and new technologies, will take care of the classroom training of the participants

March 2019: on instagram our focus on the network of women committed to building a better world

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