Our 10 top travel playlists, now on Spotify and YouTube

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Fairbnb.coop is also on Spotify and YouTube! Our local communities would like to introduce you a bit to their musical heritage and to the vibes you will feel when you finally get to visit them. Listen to our travel playlists, enjoy the local music of your next destination and start travelling with all you senses!

When we are on holiday, local music often becomes the soundtrack of our memories…

Imagine yourself strolling through the streets of Venice accompanied by the notes of Vivaldi, while discovering the districts of Amsterdam that were sung by Johnny Jordaan or while you get carried away by the Rumba de Barcelona like Manu Chao. Now listen to the travel playlists on our YouTube and Spotify channels and find the right inspiration to start planning your next holiday with Fairbnb.coop, while supporting local community projects.


Our travel playlists from Venice will surprise you

playlist di viaggio a Venezia

Holiday in Venice with Pitura Freska

Maybe you can easily imagine yourself on a gondola with Vivaldi in the background, but know that to really experience Venice you will need to know the reggae, ska and punk travel music of these bands!

Travel music from Amsterdam

travel playlists from Amsterdam

Holiday in Amsterdam with Johnny Jordaan

David Bowie, Coldplay and many other international artists have dedicated songs to Amsterdam, but in our travel playlist you will also discover local authors.

Your trip to Barcelona starts now

travel playlists from Barcelona

Holiday in Barcelona with Juan Serrano

Andres Segovia was not the only great artist to have fallen in love with Barcelona: find out how many songs have been dedicated to the Catalan capital!

Travel songs from Porto: choose yours

Playlist di viaggio a Porto

Holiday in Porto with Gisela Joao

Our travel playlists from Porto goes from classical songs by Rui Veloso and GNR to the anthem of the local football team: discover your right music to love the Portuguese city.

Discover Genoa accompanied by its old and new music schools

playlist di viaggio a Genova

Holiday in Genoa with Fabrizio De André

Meet the emblematic characters sung by Fabrizio De André in the historic center of Genoa and find the unique views of these video clips!

Visit Granada step by step, to the music step!

travel playlists from Granada

Holiday in Granada with El Lebrijano

“Granada, tierra soñada por mi”, sang Luciano Pavarotti. Start dreaming too by listening to this travel playlist dedicated to the amazing Andalusian city.

A journey to Bologna with the greatest Italian singers

playlist di viaggio a Bologna

Holiday in Bologna with Lucio Dalla

Guccini, Dalla, De Gregori … many great Italian singer-songwriters started or passed through Bologna during their career: come and find out why!

Enjoy Valencia as a local

Valencia travel playlists

Holiday in Valencia with La Gossa Sorda

Many know that Placido Domingo dedicated a splendid song to Valencia, but most have yet to discover the Valencian hits of La Gossa Sorda and the rest of the local travel music: find out more!

Plan a holiday in Paris

Paris travel playlists


Holiday in Paris with Charles Aznavour

Our travel playlists from the French capital includes travel music by Charles Aznavour, Edith Piaf, ZAZ and many others.

Travel playlists from Wien

Wien travel playlists


Holiday in Wien with Falco

Enjoy a holiday in the wonderful Austrian capital listening to Strauss’s lyrics or following Granada’s rhythms!

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