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During a conference held in Alicante, the cooperative organization was identified as the natural formula to develop the blockchain and other technologies based on open source licenses: platform cooperativism can be a privileged formula for a digital, transformative, and collective entrepreneurship.

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In Alicante a step forward towards open source and technological democratization

At the beginning of June 2021, contributed to an interesting conference on the topic of open source and digitization: “Technological democratization: Blockchain and platform cooperativism”. The meeting, which took place in the Alicante headquarters of the Digital District, was organized by the Confederació de Cooperatives de la Comunitat Valenciana (Concoval), with the collaboration of the BlockchainFUE and Florida Universitaria cooperatives and with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Labour.
In addition to explaining, in an informative and accessible tone for non-experts, what is this digitization and why its incorporation into cooperatives is important, the conference served to raise awareness of the need to transform the business model through innovative elements integrated into open source technological ecosystems. In this sense, Carmen Pastor, the director of the BAES Blockchain Lab University of Alicante, has underlined that:

“the blockchain is a disruptive, horizontal and decentralized technology that needs a human community to sustain it”.

Blockchain can favor the transit of the internet of things to the internet of people, and cooperativism is the ideal formula to do so.

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Platform cooperativism: the natural formula for developing blockchain and open source technologies

Along with open source technologies, platform cooperativism has been another of the aspects analyzed during the conference. In his inaugural speech, Minister Rafael Climent assured that “cooperativism and digitization are two strategic vectors for the transformation of the economic model because we want a digital revolution in which everyone is included“.

The president of Concoval, Emili Vilaescusa, has pointed out that “cooperativism is powerful in sectors in which digitization will make headway in the coming years, such as education, consumption, agri-food, energy or the social health field” and he assured that “we are facing a double challenge: internalize digitization in cooperatives and find leaders who make it compatible with the specific elements of the social economy.”

Enirque García, director of Florida Grup Cooperatiu and coordinator of the Llamp Digital program, and Jose Mari Luzarraga, co-founder of LEINN & Mondragon Team Academy, have been in charge of exposing challenges and potential of platform coop, an international phenomenon that is promoting the collaborative economy at a global level and generating quality employment in different sectors. Luzarraga has pointed out that

“the cooperative model is the inspiration to carry out a humanistic digital transformation”

Luzarraga has called for this formula to be used as an instrument to combat youth unemployment and promote female entrepreneurship.

open source Código abierto in the panel of experiences facing of the challenge of digitization

Open source digital technologies are the lever to make a qualitative leap in the economic fabric: this was assured by Carolina Pascual, Minister of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society. This is also what emerged from the cooperative experiences panel presented during the conference:

  • Ramón Martínez, senior developer at BlockchainFUE, has reviewed the opportunities offered by this technology in different economic sectors;
  • Joaquín Más, CEO of Grupo Enercoop, has told how the commitment of this cooperative from Crevillente to the introduction of blockchain in the energy business is materialized;
  • José María Meroño, director of the IT area of the Surinver cooperative, a leader in fruit and vegetable marketing, has presented his cooperative’s projects to address the challenges of digitizing the value chain in the agri-food sector.

Among the experiences that have aroused the most interest is that of our vice president and co-founder Jonathan Reyes has explained the fundamentals of our model that is committed to sustainable tourism and ethical management. has also been selected for the European Ledger project: we will get some funding and also tech support to start integrating open source software and blockchain technologies in our platform to really become a decentralized and distributed platform also from a technological point of view… keep following us!

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