No Commission Summer: An Invitation to Sustainable Travel with 0% Platform Commission and 100% Community Impact!

The world of travel is changing, and is leading the charge with an exclusive No Commission Summer offer. This isn’t just a discount; it’s an invitation to test a new way of traveling. Read more to explore this initiative, dive into the rationale behind it, and uncover how you can become a part of this sustainable travel revolution.

Why No Commission August? The Rationale Explained

At, we see travel as more than a transaction. We see it as a connection, an experience, and a positive force. No Commission August is born out of our belief that as we need to make an even more direct effort to invite all of you to test the power of community-powered tourism and our desire to make sustainable travel accessible to all travellers and communities worldwide. Here’s why:

  • An Invitation to Explore: We want you to test our unique cooperative model, our transparent operations, and our community-centric approach.
  • Boosting Local Economies: By waiving our platform commission, we make travel more affordable, supporting hosts in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the UK, and emerging communities.
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Understanding the Offer: 0% Commission, 100% Impact

  • What’s the Deal? During August, will remove the platform commission, translating to a 7.5% discount on all accommodations.
  • Full Donations Continue: Our commitment to local projects stays strong. Every booking still contributes to a community project of your choice.
  • Why 0% Commission? It’s more than a promotion; it’s a call to action. We invite you to explore and see firsthand how travel can transform communities.

Book Now, Travel Later: Flexibility with No Commission

Summer might be the time of our special offer, but No Commission Summer isn’t confined to the summer months. We understand that travel plans may vary, and flexibility is key. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Book for Any Period: Secure your 7.5% discount by booking during this Summer, but feel free to plan your travel for any future date. Whether it’s an autumn getaway or a spring adventure, the choice is yours.
  • Free Cancellation Policies: Worried about unexpected changes? Our free cancellation policies are still in place. We value your peace of mind, allowing you to plan ahead without any stress.
  • Sustainable Choices Year-Round: Even beyond Summer, our commitment to sustainable travel continues. Enjoy the benefits of our platform, knowing that you’re contributing positively to local communities whenever you travel.

This unique flexibility empowers you to explore’s offerings at your convenience. Plan your sustainable journey without time constraints, and take advantage of No Commission Summer even if your travel dates are in the future.

Sustainable Tourism: A Promise

  • Community Collaboration: Work with local projects, NGOs, and initiatives.
  • Eco-Friendly and Socially Responsible Options: Embrace responsible travel practices.
  • Local Investment: We reinvest part of our revenue locally, a commitment that continues even during No Commission Summer.

The Impact on Hosts, Guests, and Communities

  • Hosts: More earnings, more exposure, and a chance to be part of a travel movement.
  • Guests: Affordable, transparent, and responsible travel.
  • Communities: Continuous support through our community project donations.

No Commission August is an open invitation to experience’s vision for the future of travel. It’s a celebration of sustainability, community, and innovation.

Whether you’re a host, a traveler, or simply curious about a new way to explore the world, we invite you to join us.

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Our Recipe: Only Fair Hosts + One Booking, One Donation
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Why Fair?

How it works:
The Host earns the same,
the Guest pays the same
but the benefits are for the whole community.

50% of our platform fee is used to fund a project of your choice for the communities you visit.

This is a what we call
Community Powered Tourism.

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