Fairbnb.coop is not only home sharing but a new way of looking at tourism that finally focus on the interests of the communities affected by this industry.

Fairbnb.coop embodies a model of sustainable tourism that brings together residents, hosts and travelers; the stated goal has always been to become a real market alternative for those who want to travel and host consciously. A model that can only be developed through values such as transparency, democracy, equity and social justice.

Our name embodies important, unequivocal stated values that represent the quality of our impact on communities:

  • Fair, inspired by the world of Fair Trade, circular economy, sustainable development and the involvement of communities in economic and social progress;
  • Bnb, the core business, hospitality, preferably with hosts and structures that truly represent the soul of the place, integral parts of an extended community of residents and local economic activities;
  • .Coop, our cooperative DNA, the path to become a home for all those who want to participate and grow this model of solidarity and participatory economy.

A simple and complex concept at the same time that required a long process of elaboration to find a clear sign that unequivocally expressed our mission. The new iteration of our Logotype is in fact only the last step of an exciting process that has seen the active participation of our network from the beginning.

The evolution of the graphic sign of the interconnected houses, symbol of a circular economy and positive dynamics between tourism and housing, collects in itself this long history made of comparison and participation. In addition to the purely graphic aspect, we felt the need to make the concept of community powered tourism emerge. In fact, our pay-off embodies the future that we imagine for the Tourism industry, which unfortunately turned from an opportunity to a challenge that often sees resident’s communities succumb to market logics.

We therefore want to thank all the friends who helped us develop a “brand” that we feel deeply ours, fair and sincere.

Without the help of all those who are participating in our adventure we would be a much less vital, revolutionary and engaging project.

Thank you!