Italian Riviera: in Tellaro the hidden treasure of Liguria

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If you are thinking of a holiday in Liguria, the ideal destination could be the small village of Tellaro, an urban and architectural masterpiece suspended between the land of Lunigiana and the sea overlooking the Gulf of Poets, in the extreme Italian Riviera.

On the borders of the Italian Riviera, between Liguria and Tuscany, Tellaro awaits you with its colorful houses and churches overlooking the sea…

tellaro italian riviera ligure

The myths and traditions of Tellaro relive all year round

The BnB and holiday homes in the Italian Riviera di Levante will give you the opportunity to discover Tellaro, a village considered among the most beautiful in Italy, in which history and legend come together. In fact, it is said that in the seventeenth century a night attack by Saracen pirates was thwarted thanks to a giant octopus that, clinging to the rope of the bells of the Church of San Giorgio, alerted the population and put the attackers to flight.

Today the church, with its characteristic pink facade, from its suggestive position overlooking the sea dominates the houses leaning against each other and the small port of the village:

during your stay in the Italian Riviera, do not miss the unique spectacle of the Church of San Giorgio and the colorful houses of the village illuminated by the light of the sunset.

A festival is dedicated every year to the mythological octopus, which takes place on the second Sunday of August. The most popular festival, however, is the underwater Christmas, greeted with the emergence of a statue of the Child Jesus and with thousands of candles and fireworks over the sea.

Corniglia Italian Riviera Ligure

Corniglia, in the Cinque Terre – Italian Riviera

Where to sleep in the Italian Riviera near Tellaro

If you love walking in the midst of nature, you can set up your base in Lerici. From here, a path suitable for everyone leads to Tellaro, and you can also easily organize a romantic boat trip to the islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto, located in front of Portovenere.

Alternatively, you can choose one of the charming villages that make up the famous Cinque Terre, such as Riomaggiore, Corniglia, and Monterosso al Mare

Choose one of the vacation rentals Cinque Terre d’aMare in Riomaggiore!

Alternatively, you can choose an Agriturismo surrounded by greenery like Terra del Bosco, situated in a strategic position near the art cities of Tuscany. If you want to have all the services available you can opt for a room at La Casa dei Treni, a cozy guesthouse in the center of La Spezia, the main city of the eastern Italian Riviera.

Any b&b, agriturismo or holiday lettings in the eastern Italian Riviera you choose, with you can support the Co.Co.Farm 2021 sustainable development project, promoted by the Terre del Magra community cooperative, which aims to recover the timber that accumulates along waterways and beaches to transform it into renewable energy and natural fertilizer.

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In the Italian Riviera, canoeing, diving and nature trails await you

Once you have chosen your favorite holiday home, you will have at your disposal a dense network of paths that, among breathtaking views, penetrate the hills behind Tellaro up to the ruins of Barbazzano, a suggestive ghost town abandoned in the fourteenth century by its inhabitants, precisely to found the seaside village.

The holiday homes along the Italian Riviera near Tellaro are ideal for sports enthusiasts who want to dabble in diving and explore the coast by canoe or kayak: hidden among the rocks, sometimes reachable only by sea, you can thus discover small sandy coves that hide wonders. This is the case, for example, of the seabed of the Baia della Caletta, which houses the remains of a Roman ship from the first century BC. with its precious load of white Carrara marble.

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