Holidays 2021: don’t leave your values at home! Travel Fair!

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It’s time to travel again, but this summer don’t leave solidarity, respect and sustainability behind. For holidays 2021, pack your values too! Travel fair with and leave a positive impact wherever you go, by supporting a community project in the place you visit.

There are many reasons why we all want to go back to travel. Some travel for the culture, others for nature, to reunite with friends, or just for some well-deserved Corona Time Out. Travelling is one of the most enriching experiences on earth, capable to overcome borders, broaden horizons, widen eyes and help make the world a better place. ‌We at say: go for it, but in a fair way!

Travel! Explore! Enjoy your holidays 2021…
And do it in a fair way: take your values with you!

Let’s start holidays 2021 on the right foot

On the new booking platform you can find cozy holiday homes and B&Bs in many new destinations throughout Europe, from big cities and capitals to small villages overlooking the Mediterranean. By booking your vacation rentals on, you help the locals by donating 50% of our platform fees to a community project of your choice in the place you visit.

  • The host earns the same
    • The guest pays the same
      • The benefits are for the whole community!

This is what we call Community Powered Tourism.

holidays 2021 vacanze 2021 Liguria

Travel for climate action

From seaside resorts such as Cinque Terre and Finale Ligure to modern cities like Genoa and picturesque villages such as Dolceacqua and Tellaro, the Italian Riviera offers many perfect destinations for holidays 2021. Book it now to immediately make your contribution to Co.Co.Farm 2021, the project of the community-based cooperative Terre del Magra that will produce renewable energy starting from waste biomass.

Social projects in Barcelona

During your holidays 2021, travel for solidarity

You can enjoy your holidays 2021 in Barcelona with gusto: Arrels Fundació, the N.G.O. we support here, will take care of the people in conditions of greater discomfort. Since 1987, Arrels looks after the more than 4.200 homeless who live in the Catalan metropolis, helping them to live a better, more independent life.

holidays 2021 Porto

Travel for good health and well being

In Porto, you can support the Gasporto project, which aspires to give the elderly the opportunity to age at home with good quality of life and dignity. For holidays 2021 book your vacation rentals in Porto’s Lower Town, characterized by narrow cobbled streets full of colors, to have restaurants for all tastes and numerous typical shops within easy reach. By staying in the Upper Town you will be a few steps from the splendid Romanesque Cathedral and most of the historical monuments.

progetti sociali Amsterdam

During your holidays 2021, travel for gender equality

With your booking, in Amsterdam you can support projects like Bloei en Groei, which values the work of immigrant women who take care of several food and community gardens, located in the neighborhoods and districts where they are most needed, mostly in the Southeast of the city.

Sustainability and the interactions between humans and nature form the basis of everything Bloei & Groei does.

vacanze 2021 holidays Venice

During your holidays 2021, travel for sustainable cities

Organize your romantic holidays 2021 in Venice with your partner. Together, you will capture the timeless charm of the lagoon city, discover the treasures distributed on the mainland and savor the rich food and wine tradition. We suggest you explore the Venetian Sestieri in search of their most fascinating corners. Because Venice is not only Piazza San Marco, but a maze of streets, bridges and squares rich in architectural beauty and full of original stores.

By booking your vacation rentals in Venice via you will help residents to continue living in their communities and to safeguard their historical heritage, by donating half of our commission to the projects Masegni & Nizioleti or Squeri San Isepo: you choose.

Social projects in Valencia

Travel for social integration

The beaches close to the city, the artistic and architectural treasures that it holds, the nightlife that animates the evenings and the rich gastronomic tradition will make your holidays 2021 in Valencia unforgettable. By booking a room or apartment here, you can contribute to the financing of the activities of Orriols Convive, a community project that promotes a model of intercultural coexistence and social integration.

New Year's resolutions Buoni propositi del 2021

During your holidays 2021, travel to foster local economies

Many attractions await you in Marseille, the oldest French city: from the artistic and architectural treasures that are hidden in the different districts of the city to the culinary delights based on fresh fish and seafood in the restaurants of the picturesque Old Port.

In Marseille, you can donate to the Roue experience, a citizen-managed complementary currency to the euro that feeds the local economy.

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Why Fair?

How it works:
The Host earns the same,
the Guest pays the same
but the benefits are for the whole community.

50% of our platform fee is used to fund a project of your choice for the communities you visit.

This is a what we call
Community Powered Tourism.

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