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A new local node of is born: by renting holiday homes in Cuneo province, on the border between Italy and France, it will be possible to support community projects in rural and mountain areas.

Several rural and mountain areas in Italy are experiencing a new Renaissance, thanks to the creativity and stubbornness of old and new inhabitants. Already before the pandemic hit, old villages and borgate had started to be brought back to life by people who wished to settle closer to nature and experience a higher quality of life in their daily routine.

Now, more than ever, a special focus is placed on these small and widespread epicenters of change, where a traveler can feel that something is being constructed in the present, but winking at the future. Look for holiday homes in Cuneo and its province to get to know these experiences.

Holiday homes in Cuneo case vacanza a Cuneo Castelmagno

A local partner with mutual values to launch fair holiday homes in Cuneo

NEMO – Nuova Economia in Montagna, partner cooperative of in the Cuneo province, knows well that this ferment is spreading quickly throughout the country, and especially in the Piedmont region. As a newborn social enterprise, NEMO carries out participatory projects for sustainable development and community well-being in mountain, rural and marginalized areas.

Its team identifies and analyzes the potential of the territories, creates connections between the mountain and the city, facilitates the creation of networks with one main goal: to generate an economy that enhances human relationships and pursuits social and environmental objectives while experimenting with collaborative processes aimed at creating communities.

In short, NEMO works for re-centering marginalized territories as places with great potential for the transition towards a more sustainable economy. And the collaboration with can nothing but strengthen and make more effective this aim, extending the benefits of tourism and holiday homes in Cuneo province to some community experiences that will benefit from the crowdfunding of the platform. The two projects financed through the 50% of the revenues show how.

holiday homes in Cuneo

Germinale project: social farming in the Alps

The first project that you can support by booking holiday homes in Cuneo province is Germinale, a community-based agricultural cooperative that was established in Demonte, Valle Stura in May 2018, after two years of volunteer experience. Being community-based, Germinale works to create connections among people and between people and nature, restoring the local social networks to re-build community identity.

In addition to the agricultural activity, Germinale’s staff works with the local public entities and people, establishing generative connections with the territory to manage and preserve the valley’s natural and cultural heritage. Their mission is to unveil the untapped potential of the land in which they operate, preserving the local biodiversity and as well as creating job opportunities.

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L’Altrove project: shaping new communities through participation

The first project that you can fund by booking holiday homes in Cuneo province via is L’Altrove, a convivial community lab built on the values of solidarity and ecology by an informal group of friends, mainly couples with kids. Since 2018, the founding members are developing the project, open to new collaborations, experimenting in the fields of social and sustainable housing, collective food production and active participation in the social and cultural life of their territory.

L’Altrove is based in Narzole, close to the Langhe vineyards, and performs a broad range of activities for both kids, such as a self-organized kindergarten, and adults through dedicated workshops.

Holiday homes in Cuneo case vacanza a Cuneo Langhe

Holiday homes in Cuneo: experiencing a territory through its people’s eyes

For its peculiar geography, made of parallel valleys flowing into a vast plain, the Cuneo Province experiences at the same time divisions and connections, isolated innovations and rooted traditions. Sustainable and community-based initiatives are trying to breach the wall and spread their influence to promote economic models more tightened to the health of people and ecosystems.

Booking holiday homes in Cuneo and visiting this Food&Wine and outdoor destination through allows you to meet those dreaming and building the future, and to support their daily effort!

Cuneo Pietro Cigna

Pietro Cigna Ambassador – Representative of NEMO (New Economy in the Mountains)

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