For your natural vacation discover Tuscia, heart of Italy!

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Vacation rentals and B&Bs in Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio will provide you with the ideal base for both culinary and relaxing vacations, as well as for naturalistic and cultural excursions to discover Tuscia, the territory straddling the three regions, rich in scenic wonders and precious historical vestiges that have their roots in Etruscan times.

Our new Local Node in the area between Tuscany, Umbria, and Lazio, less than 100 km away from Rome, represents a unique opportunity to organize a sustainable and natural vacation discovering extraordinary landscapes, charming villages, and archaeological sites of the ancient Etruscans. Our Fair Hosts and local partners are ready to open the doors of their widespread rural community to introduce you to the rich culture of Tuscia and let you taste the genuine products of the territory.

Natural vacation Toscana viaggio nella natura

Etruscan necropolis

Your next natural vacation has a long story to tell you

Tuscia has a multi-millennial history: between the nineteenth and sixth centuries B.C. it was the homeland of the Etruscans, whom the Latins called “Tusci”. You will be able to follow the traces of this ancient population admiring the many finds of the pre-Roman era and exploring the different necropolis scattered in Tuscia: the Etruscan cemeteries are examples of funerary art known all over the world, with finely painted tombs of various shapes and sizes.

Today Tuscia is an agricultural region dotted with a series of towns and villages perfect for organizing a natural vacation, where it is still possible to meet and know genuine people.

Due to the absence of industries, this area is configured as a rural district, i.e. a territory where the presence of man has been able to develop in harmony with the surrounding environment: explore it by organizing nature excursions on foot, by mountain bike, or on horseback! Throughout the year in the territory of Tuscia are organized cultural events, markets for typical products and local crafts, food and wine events … check the calendar of events not to miss those that will take place during your stay.

Natural vacation Bolsena viaggio nella natura

Lake of Bolsena

A trip in the nature or a visit to a historical village? In Tuscia everything is possible

Your natural vacation could start from Bolsena, Marta, Capodimonte or one of the other places around the bathing lake of Bolsena, the largest in Italy of volcanic origin, characterized by sandy shores, rich in vegetation, and two beautiful islands in the middle of the lake: Bisentina and Martana.

In Lazio you could set your base in Montefiascone, a medieval citadel along the Via Francigena famous for its Est Est wine, or in the widespread village of San Michele in Teverina, located in the municipality of medieval Civitella d’Agliano. Include in your itinerary a visit to Civita di Bagnoregio, represented in the cover image of this blog and considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Natural vacation Orvieto viaggio nella natura


In Umbria you can visit beautifully preserved villages such as Città della Pieve, which gave birth to the “divine painter” known as Perugino: some of his masterpieces are kept in the local Cathedral of Saints Gervasio and Protasio. Orvieto is waiting for you perched on a spur of tufa to reveal the originality of architectural works such as the Well of St. Patrick and the Duomo, which houses a magnificent cycle of fifteenth-century frescoes by Luca Signorelli. Your natural vacation in Umbria could continue with the exploration of the landscapes around Parrano: built on a hill, this fortified citadel offers magnificent views of the Chiani river valley.

Pitigliano Natural vacation viaggio nella natura


The Tuscan Tuscia includes enchanting villages such as Pitigliano, built on a tufa spur with overhanging houses that almost blend in with the rock: a spectacular setting, especially after sunset. Lose yourself in the narrow alleys of its historic center dotted with churches, fountains and craft stores and gastronomic specialties, until you reach the Jewish quarter, known as “Little Jerusalem”.

Not far away, at the Terme di Sorano, you can take the so-called Bagno dei Frati, immersing yourself in a natural pool in the woods. Near Sovana you can instead access the Archaeological Park Città del Tufo, with the spectacular Vie Cave that wedges in the tuffaceous rocks connecting monumental Etruscan rocky necropolis.

Tuscia Viaggio nella natura

Your sustainable and natural vacation in Tuscia starts on

By booking a B&B or a vacation home on you can support the economy and local communities by donating half of our platform commission to projects such as the farmers’ markets of the Widespread Rural Community (CRD): they are self-managed by the producers who participate in them, aiming to ensure the quality of small-scale agriculture and small-scale craftsmanship of proximity and to build relationships of trust through the direct relationship between those who produce and those who buy, without intermediaries.

Another opportunity to contribute to the protection of the territory and local culture is to devolve our commission to the #NoMonoculture campaign, launched in 2018, which aims to represent a fixed and constant territorial garrison through open meetings on a weekly basis, in which to elaborate activities of relevance to public opinion.

Tuscia natural vacation

Organizing your natural vacation in Tuscia on you can also support a buying group that, remaining in the wake of direct contact between producers and consumers and in the idea of encouraging the reconstitution of a local and mutualistic social fabric, is promoted by voluntary collaborators who aim to avoid price increases: with the booking of your vacation home you can help cover the living costs of the means of transport necessary for distribution, managed in a community form.

Vacanza nella natura sostenibile in Tuscia

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