For ages Marseille has welcomed travelers: will you be next?

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Marseille, the second most populous French city after Paris, is waiting for you to experience an unforgettable stay among the historical treasures and natural wonders of the Provence region. Choose your vacation rental on and let the unique charm of this historic Mediterranean port enchant you.

By booking your Marseille vacation rental on, you may discover well-hidden but endless cultures and histories, which the inhabitants are preserving for them and … for you! To bring these neighborhoods, their heritage, and their hospitality alive, the Hôtel du Nord cooperative, to which you can donate 50% of our platform fees, obeys a very simple principle:

“We sell what we make, we make what we sell, in the interest of all those who live, work or spend time in those neighborhoods in the north of Marseille.”

With, you will have the opportunity to be hosted by residents in the rooms of their homes, or stay in some independent apartments or cottages not far away, thus living a sharing experience. You’ll be able to explore the area through very special walks, taste local delicacies, and discover the texts, images, and sounds that are the result of an enthusiastic effort to make those neighborhoods in Marseille as famous as they deserve to be.

Vacations in Marseille France Marsiglia

The Blue Costal Marine Park

Where to stay in Marseille

The ideal base for your vacation in the heart of Provence could be one of the apartments or rooms for rent in Marseille located in the northern districts, between the 15th and 16th arrondissements: they are cozy, economic and surrounded by nature. You will also be in a strategic position to visit the Blue Coast Marine Park, an enchanting marine protected area at the foot of the hilly area so beloved by Paul Cezanne: L’Estaque.

How to move in Marseille

To reach and explore the city center you can take advantage of a bike-sharing service almost free and very convenient called Le Velò: you can pick up a bike in one of the many bike parking centers scattered everywhere and then deposit it wherever you want. You will always have a map of the parking lots at hand by downloading the app All Bikes Now on your smartphone.

Vacations in Marseille France Marsiglia

The Church of Our Lady of the Guard overlooking Marseille

The Old Port, landing point to discover Marseille

Visiting the Old Port of Marseille you will find yourself in the heart of the city: among the picturesque colorful houses that surround it, many restaurants await you, where you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood. At the mouth of the port inlet, on the northern side, it is worth visiting the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations, an intercultural center that well expresses the cosmopolitan character of Marseille.
The Hotel de Ville, an elegant seventeenth-century baroque building, also overlooks the port: here begins La Canebière, the main avenue, dotted with theaters and art galleries. From the Old Port there is also a train that leads to the highest point of the city, the Garde hill: from your vacation home in Marseille you can reach the Church of Our Lady of the Guard, the city symbol that stands on its top, and admire a unique panorama.

Vacations in Marseille France Marsiglia

Le Panier district

From your vacation rental in Marseille, follow in Izzo’s footsteps

To the north of the Old Port lies the oldest area of Marseille, Le Panier, where the writer Jean-Claude Izzo was born and set some of his most famous novels: among the steep streets of this neighborhood you will feel not only to relive their atmospheres, but you can discover several local and appreciate unique views.
At the foot of the Panier stands the Cathedral of St. Mary Major, an imposing building in neo-Byzantine style, and extends the business district La Joliette. Make sure you also have time to take a trip to Les Îles du Friou, which are located off the coast of Marseille, less than an hour away by boat.

Vacations in Marseille France Marsiglia

The Calanques

Explore the provencal natural wonders around Marseille

At, you’ll find a wide variety of Marseille vacation rentals to suit every need. If you’re thinking of a relaxing vacation, perhaps in the summer, the right accommodation for you could be a room for rent in Marseille near Prado beach, whose sandy shore is very popular with locals. The bay is embraced by the vast Borély Park, which houses a pond, a botanical garden and an eighteenth-century castle, now home to the Museum of Decorative Arts.
From here, it will take you only a few minutes’ walk to visit the famous Cité Radieuse, an architectural complex designed by Le Corbusier. A little further south is the Calanques National Park, crisscrossed by paths that wind between vertiginous cliffs and enchanting bays: the vacation homes in Marseille are the ideal base for evocative excursions.

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