Fairbnb is coming: here is the timeline

Dec 19, 2018Development updates

Dear Fairbnb friends,

first of all thanks for all the encouragement and energy we are receiving from all over the world.
Creating Fairbnb is exciting and at the same time very challenging, we have been extremely busy on several fronts and from now on we assure that we will be a lot more regular with our updates.

As you can probably imagine this is no ordinary startup.
Our commitment to collaborate among different groups of activists and to avoid big investors for funding have been forcing us to find new but often slower solutions to secure funding and to develop the project. However this bottom-up approach ensure that Fairbnb reflects the needs of communities and also that the present and future governance will assure that the platform will stay on its fair tracks allowing progressively more and more people to be part of it.

The good news is that notwithstanding all these issues we have been progressing steadily and with the help of Confcooperative Bologna and a committed panel of consultants we are untangling all the red tapes and we will be definitely ready to deliver our vision in early 2019.

This is our timeline as of today:

December 2018 > January 2019

  • Completing the first phase of funding (family & friends + few sovventori)
  • Completing the inhouse dev team.
  • Completing our local node’s handbook

Challenges January 2019

  • Onboarding of the first group of fair-hosts in the 5 test cities (Amsterdam, Barcellona, Bologna, Valencia, Venezia)
  • Onboarding of the first social projects in the 5 test cities
    Start of last phase of development

January 2019 > March 2019

  • Alpha testing with a restricted group of hosts
  • Fine tuning with local regulations and rules
  • Fostering of the local nodes
  • Crowdfunding launch campaign

Challenges April 2019

  • Go Live with beta version!!!
  • Launch event

April 2019 > September 2019

  • Development of native mobile apps
  • Expansion outside EU.

Exciting isn’t it?

Do you want to help Fairbnb grow?