Never as in this time the society in which we live seems fragile: economic and environmental crises and now the spectre of a pandemic is eroding our habits and safety. Tourism, among all sectors, has proven to be the most vulnerable: the necessary limitations and precautions for the Coronavirus emergency have exposed all its fragility and contradictions.
That’s why we couldn’t just sit on the fence and wait for the storm to pass but we have decided to temporarily convert our platform to help fight back against COVID-19! joins the fight against COVID-19 Coronavirus

#IStayHome & #TravelTomorrow

A simple message for future guests of our cities: by booking today, while we stay at home, we can immediately contribute to the fight against Coronavirus and at the same time plan a sustainable holiday, helping Italy to recover.

The platform, already active in closed beta version, has an ethical and responsible business model that foresees the allocation of 50% of the commissions on bookings to community projects with a significant social impact. On the occasion of the Coronavirus emergency, this part of the commissions will be donated to Institutes and organizations involved in the fight against Coronavirus and linked to our three Italian pilot cities of Genoa, Bologna and Venice, while we are working to extend the initiative also to AmsterdamBarcelona, and Valencia.

In Bologna, the part of the commissions for the projects will be donated to the Sant’Orsola Foundation;
In Venice, the commissions will be donated to the current account activated by the Veneto Region for the “Coronavirus emergency fundraising”;
In Genoa, the commissions will be donated to the current account activated by the Liguria Region for the “Coronavirus emergency fundraising”.
All the funds will go to support doctors, nurses, and operators who work on the front lines to defend everyone’s health and will also contribute to the support structures and intensive care in hospitals in the respective cities.
In addition to this, will directly cover all transaction costs (thus committing over 25% of its gross revenues) allowing the contribution for the fight against Coronavirus and the Host’s funds to arrive at their destination without additional costs
For a start-up like ours, it’s an extra effort in a delicate moment, a risk, however, that we willingly take in the hope that this sad period will serve to remind everyone of the importance of the common good.
We will immediately use all our international communication channels to try to involve as many potential travellers in the initiative, in the hope of providing immediate resources for the fight against the virus, as well as a perspective for the sustainable hosts of our cities.
We appeal to other caring organizations worldwide to join our campaign by presenting this opportunity on their websites and tagging us on their social profiles using #Fairbnbcoop or by directly getting in contact with us.  

What you can do: 

If you are a Host in the active destinations:

Join the initiative by adding your place to our platform.
Registering your room or apartment on is completely free!
(The platform is still in beta, many functions you are used to are coming, so we ask you for a little patience and a hand to grow together.)

If you are a potential Traveler:

Help us by booking TODAY your vacation in the future in our pilot cities Venice, Bologna, and Genoa and help the communities you are going to visit TOMORROW.
You can also visit our website or contact us directly through our social media, to receive all the information you need to join our campaign and give your contribution. With your trip, you can help to support NOW doctors, nurses, and operators who work on the front lines to defend everyone’s health by fighting COVID-19.

A small gesture of trust TODAY,
to be stronger TOMORROW TOGETHER!

Join the initiative now!

If you are in contact with any media organization or influencer you can help us by forwarding them our press release (see links below)

download the Press Release .DOCX file


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