Fairbnb.coop and IgersItalia: a partnership to promote sustainable tourism and enhancement of the territory

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Fairbnb.coop is proud to announce a new and exciting partnership with IgersItalia, the network of photography enthusiasts who use Instagram to tell stories and share the Treasures of our country. This collaboration was born with the aim of promoting sustainable and responsible tourism, enhancing the territory and supporting social projects through the ethical use of social media.

The Partnership between Fairbnb.coop and IgersItalia

The partnership offers members of the IgersItalia network the opportunity to take advantage of the ethical and supportive tourism services offered by the Fairbnb.coop platform. As ambassadors of fairbnb.coop and their local area, IgersItalia members will now benefit from exclusive benefits and special conditions for booking accommodation and enjoying unique experiences, while still respecting the environment and local communities.

Furthermore, IgersItalia members will have the opportunity to become hosts, experience providers or scouts on the Fairbnb.coop platform, naturally integrating their activity as content creators and interpreters of the territory.


The Fairbnb.coop model: sustainability and social commitment

One of the fundamental aspects that distinguish Fairbnb.coop is its commitment to supporting social projects at the local level. For every booking made on our platform, half of the net commissions are donated to a local social project.
This feature makes Fairbnb.coop an ideal choice for those who want to travel in an ethical and sustainable way, contributing directly to the growth and well-being of local communities.


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The strength of partnerships: combining skills for better tourism

Thanks to the collaboration with IgersItalia, Fairbnb.coop combines the skills of two different but complementary realities: on one hand, our ethical and responsible tourism platform; on the other, a network of photography and storytelling enthusiasts who raise the profile of the area by sharing images and stories on social media.

This synergy makes it possible to offer travellers an even richer and more authentic travel experience, enriched by the knowledge and passion of the IgersItalia members .


A series of important partnerships in progress

The partnership with IgersItalia is only the first in a series of important collaborations that Fairbnb.coop is perfecting. Our platform is open to working with networks, companies and associations that share our values ​​and objectives, such as the promotion of sustainable tourism, the enhancement of the territory and the support of social projects.


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The partnership between Fairbnb.coop and IgersItalia represents an important step towards more ethical and responsible tourism. Together, we want to offer travellers unique and local experiences, enhance the beauty of our country and support local communities through the ethical use of social media.


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