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Sustainable development is not one of those good resolutions to be left on the agenda, waiting for someone to bother to make it happen. Certify your commitment to sustainability by registering at and applying for an EU ecolabel: in countries like Italy, Fair Hosts have favorable terms!

Sustainability is an increasingly urgent goal that touches every aspect of our lives…even when offering a vacation! has signed a partnership with the Italian ecologist association Legambiente with the aim of enhancing the good practices of accommodation facilities and vacation homes in Italy, through inclusion in the sustainable tourism network and the certification Legambiente Turismo, an ecolabel recognized in Europe.

Fair Hosts will be entitled to discounts of up to 20% on the membership fee and, thanks to a better ranking on our search engine, will have more visibility!

We want to make similar agreements with organizations in Europe that issue the other EU ecolabels included on the portal, so that it will be increasingly easy for responsible travelers from all over the world to locate sustainable hosts.

The Legambiente Turismo ecolabel guidelines cover the cornerstones of environmental and social ecology and have universal value: follow the 10 steps on the path to sustainability.

Eu ecolabel certificazione di sostenibilità Legambiente

Prerequisites of the Legambiente Turismo EU ecolabel

Preconditions for applying are:

  • the first prerequisite, also needed to obtain Fair Certification and publication on, is compliance with national and local legal obligations;
  • it is also necessary to be in compliance with environmental, construction, safety, health, any landscape constraints and biodiversity conservation legislation;
  • if the company hires salaried staff, it is essential that they are regularly employed and work with hours and wages that comply with national regulations.

Waste production and diversification

In order to achieve an ecolabel, it is necessary to put as much effort as possible into reducing the waste produced. How? For example, by limiting the use of disposable products and, whenever permitted, preferring products in bulk, concentrate, or with little packaging. Waste should then be carefully sorted by providing guests with all necessary containers for differentiated collection.

Fair Tip: Differentiation methods vary from place to place and even the most responsible travelers may become confused if we do not give clear and correct information regarding waste separation.

Porto food waste

Energy conservation and green consumption

Energy consumption can be minimized either by using high-efficiency technologies and facilities or by educating staff and guests about energy conservation. The energy consumed should then be clean, preferring suppliers who guarantee 100% production from renewable sources or self-produce it themselves!

Fair Tip: If you have to change an appliance, choose A+++. Normally, the investment will pay for itself within a few months, while the savings on your utility bill are immediate.

Water conservation

Water is like freedom: we only realize how precious it is when it comes in short supply. This is well known by many communities on earth that struggle to meet their daily needs for clean water. We can do much to avoid wasting it, from installing water-saving technologies to the instruction we give to our employees and guests. However, we can also recover rainwater and use it, for example, for irrigation.

Fair Tip: To achieve sustainability and get an EU Ecolabel, we must attempt to eliminate all sources of water pollution. Fortunately, eco-friendly cleaning products are now as cheap and inexpensive as others. If you have a swimming pool in your resort, there are several systems and products available as alternatives to chlorine for its disinfection.

Mallorca Eu ecolabel certificazione di sostenibilità

Healthy, zero-mile food

Every region boasts typical products and dishes that are as good as they are wholesome: enhancing this richness can allow you to build the loyalty of your guests, who will certainly be happy to taste those specialties they would not find elsewhere. To ensure the quality of what you offer, choose products that come from the Fair Trade circuit or have a sustainability or organic certification.

Fair Tip: If your guests have a kitchen to prepare meals themselves, recommend local markets and producers where they can find your local delicacies, and give them some tips on how to cook them!

Eu ecolabel certificazione di sostenibilità Legambiente

Sustainable mobility

An ecotourist can be recognized by his means of transportation: unless you are on an island, he will avoid traveling by plane, ferry, or possibly car-these are all highly polluting means. You can help him on the sustainability journey to your facility by providing all the directions for getting there by train or bus and, once he arrives at his destination, for getting around by public transportation or other low-polluting means.

Fair Tip: Offer your customers transfer services from the nearest station and bicycle rental, perhaps by partnering with other businesses and cooperatives in your area.

Accessible tourism, key to obtain an EU ecolabel

To be truly sustainable, accommodations and vacation rentals should be accessible to everyone, including people with physical/psychological disabilities or other special needs. If structural obstacles exist, they should be clearly and accurately communicated or, as far as possible, removed or overcome by installing appropriate aids and infrastructure.

Fair Tip: If you care about the autonomy of people with disabilities, check out the special invitation to Florence of patients followed by the Foundation now with us and help us share it! campaign.

For an EU ecolabel, even small purchases make a big difference

The sustainability of your vacation rental or hotel depends on many details:

  • make use of recyclable and reusable goods and, when purchasing, favor those that are eco-friendly and have little packaging;
  • choose furnishings produced by local artisans and native plants that are suited to the climate of your region;
  • if you have to renovate, choose certified green building materials.

Fair Tip: In our increasingly connected world, every choice has an impact. Even more so when these actions inspire other people, who in turn inspire others…the chain gets stronger! And in the tourism industry, an area that connects travelers from different territories and societies, we have a unique opportunity to spread the message of sustainability.

Enhance the cultural and environmental assets of your area

Nature parks, cultural events and traditional festivals, low-impact environmental and social experiences, little-known attractions and locations not crowded with tourists… there are many activities you can suggest to your guests so that their stay is memorable for them and sustainable for your entire community!

Fair Tip: Provide your guests with timely guidance on protected species and proper behavior in environmentally sensitive areas around you, either by including it as part of the “Home Book” information or by ensuring that your facility’s staff is properly trained.

Natural vacation Civita di Bagnoregio viaggio nella natura

Ecolabel does not make noise

Take all the necessary steps to limit noise emissions, such as setting the maximum volume of televisions and avoiding the use of motor vehicles as much as possible in areas of your accommodation. If a quiet time is in place, point it out clearly to your guests!

Fair Tip: Noise pollution, in addition to compromising environmental balances, could ruin the vacations of your guests who wish to rest or enjoy the sounds of nature around them, and you know how bad reviews can compromise the arrival of future guests.

Eu ecolabel certificazione di sostenibilità Legambiente

Communication and environmental education

Now that you have made the best practices for an EU ecolabel your own, you just have to let your Guests know: you can share communication materials, both printed and downloadable online, and organize environmental education workshops or other activities for children and adults.

Fair Tip: Make your green contribution highly visible, both in promotional activities and during travelers’ stays…they will appreciate your responsible management and easily book, return, and recommend you to friends!

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