From the beginning of our journey, we knew that to be credible, had to present a corporate structure and a financing process that were better than the usual equity + venture capital paradigm, a combination that to date has brought a lot of innovation but which has also presented a very high account in terms of social responsibility and ethics.

The fact of having chosen with conviction to be a cooperative has infused into the DNA of our project a series of very important and unequivocal values that have become its identity and has guided it in a fundraising path that involves the participation of partners who also share these founding values.

Of all the potential partners, the one that is certainly the most representative of the potential and vision of the cooperative world is  CFI – COOPERAZIONE FINANZA IMPRESA * which we can finally publicly announce as the new funder member and financial partner of our project. An important intervention in our capital of € 50,000 and equally as financing which is added to the funds by Banca Etica and new partners to come, all for over € 600,000 in total fundraising to support our project.

For the team, this is a very important milestone because it has come at the end of a very rigorous scrutiny of our Business Plan and therefore represents an important validation and confirmation of the credibility of our project.

Mauro Frangi, Presidente di CFI
Mauro Frangi, Presidente di CFI

It is with pride that we quote the words of the CFI President, Mauro Frangi:

We have all learned how the sharing economy works.
Disintermediation multiplies opportunities, makes goods and services directly accessible quickly and at lower costs.
And at the same time, however, it extracts value from the territories.
It transfers it and concentrates it in the hands of a few.
It destroys widespread wealth and work and concentrates huge profits in the hands of the owners of the platforms and algorithms., on the other hand, is the demonstration that “sharing economy” could be done not to extract value from the territories but to contribute directly to their development.
By investing in people’s responsibility and their protagonism.
By aggregating people’s demand by building a mutualistic platform in which access to goods and services, in this case, tourism ones, can generate widespread advantages and not only for the few.
Sharing on the platforms not only the satisfaction of the need but the ownership of the tools that allow access to the services.
By combining the enormous possibilities of sharing that digital technologies offer with the mutualistic and democratic principles of the cooperative model.
By allocating a significant share of the value created to the development of the social cohesion of the territory.
This is why trace a route that can help build a more sustainable and fairer future for people and the territories.

We end by thanking Confcooperative Emilia Romagna for the support received in creating the conditions for achieving this important result.


*CFI – COOPERAZIONE FINANZA IMPRESA, established in 1986 according to the Italian Marcora Law (Law 49/1985), is an active labour policy instrument, which intervenes in the promotion, development and consolidation of production and work cooperatives and social cooperatives. As an institutional investor, it participates in the capital of companies and grants long-term loans also to support the recovery by workers of companies in crisis (workers buyout), of companies confiscated from organized crime, and the processes of productive conversion to safeguard and increase employment. CFI has invested over 286 million in 520 companies with over 22,900 employees.