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Since 5 years, small agritourism, cooperatives and farms in Italy fight against earthquakes and pandemics. Now comes the solidarity support of our network of sustainable travelers and hosts: will donate half of its fees on bookings throughout Italy to the campaign “Alleva la speranza +”, promoted by Legambiente together with Enel.

Based on a deep sharing of the values of solidarity, social sustainability and circular economy, the association Legambiente and have started a partnership that will concretely extend the beneficial impact of the recent restart of tourism on the economy of some of the most disadvantaged communities and farms in Italy, thanks to the campaign Breeding Hope + (Alleva la speranza +).

map Sustainable arms in Italy

Communities and farms in Italy supported by the Breeding Hope crowdfunding campaign

+More united than ever for post-pandemic recovery of small farms in Italy

The crowdfunding initiative “Alleva la speranza +”, launched by Legambiente together with Enel through the platform, aims to support several family-run farming and breeding activities in the Apennine areas of Central Italy which, also due to the effects of the pandemic, are struggling to recover after the terrible earthquakes that occurred between the summer of 2016 and the winter of 2017. Partners in the campaign include Federtrek, Turismo verde, Fondazione Symbola, and the Host Italia association.
By booking your vacation rentals in Italy on you can now help farmers and breeders who, in areas of extraordinary beauty, maintain sustainable production, often offering accommodation in their farmhouses and B&Bs): they literally keep alive, with tenacity and passion, entire communities otherwise destined to disappear due to depopulation.

To invite you to book your future vacations now and thus help these farms in Italy get through the winter, we present their stories below.

Sustainable arms in Italy

Concrete stories of people and farms in Italy that Breeding Hope+ can help

In recent months, after the Covid-19 emergency has come to aggravate an already precarious situation, the Alleva la speranza campaign has been renewed to give support to stories such as the one of Jean Luc and the other members of the cooperative Greenwilli, who in the woods of Don Venanzio have started a wonderful project of integrated tourist services, combining accessibility and active vacations, sustainable tourism and mobility, but are strongly affected by the long block of tourist flows due to the pandemic.
The support coming from Alleva la speranza+ will be used to improve the energy efficiency of the Park’s equipped space, to adapt the wildlife museum to the anti-Covid regulations, to create an outdoor classroom and a barbecue area accessible to disabled people… and much more!
Legambiente farms in Italy

The earthquake of August 24, 2016, not only caused structural damage to the house where Enrico lived with his family, but also caused his orchard to dry up, due to the displacement of a water vein. He didn’t give up and with his new farm Sibilla planted an orchard in Norcia, Umbria, near the beautiful San Martino springs: he uses them for irrigation, but they also represent a natural heritage to be known and appreciated: thanks to our support he can make the area visitable for travelers and create a refreshment point.

Legambiente farms in Italy

Another story that you can support by booking vacation rentals in Italy on is that of Amalia, who with her husband Sebastiano and daughter Katia, runs the organic farm and agriturismo “Le Sodere” in the valleys of the Sibillini Mountains in Belforte del Chienti (Marche). With the earthquake of 2016 they had several damages to the barn of their Bergamasca breed sheep; with the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, they had to close the restaurant of the agritourism. Thanks to the support of Alleva la speranza+, Amalia and her family would like to build a new fence for the sheep, to make them live safe from predators.

Legambiente farms in Italy

Our model of sustainable tourism in Italy put into practice

Sea and mountain lovers, art and food and wine enthusiasts: with the Alleva la speranza campaign everyone will support these farms in Italy, simply by booking vacation rentals. Like other booking platforms, in fact, charges a commission. Unlike the others, however, we share it with locals: 50% goes to fund social projects in the community of the trip’s destination.
In the regions and cities in Italy where Local Nodes are already active (in Liguria, Venice, Bologna, Florence ,and Rome) we will continue to support projects proposed by local communities in favor of housing, sustainable development and accessible tourism. In the other locations in Italy where Local Nodes are not yet active, this funding will be given to the Alleva la speranza+ campaign. is collecting followers all over the country thanks to a model of regenerative tourism that is based on two pillars. First of all, it keeps most of the value produced by tourism in the territory, since the profits are reinvested in local community projects or in initiatives in favor of the most vulnerable.
Secondly, the platform accepts only the listings of regularly registered hosts, in compliance with national and regional legislation. This verification is carried out through a widespread network of “Ambassadors” and partners, and thanks to the collaboration of local administrators, ready to provide timely feedback on the actual possession of the identification codes.

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Why Fair?

How it works:
The Host earns the same,
the Guest pays the same
but the benefits are for the whole community.

50% of our platform fee is used to fund a project of your choice for the communities you visit.

This is a what we call
Community Powered Tourism.

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