Andalusia: Fair Hosts will help a green co-housing project

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In Andalusia will support KonscioHousing, a collaborative project with an integrative vision between generations who get together to spend their life, look for a plot of land, set up a cooperative and build sustainable flats that cannot be speculated on. And all this with self-organisation as a banner.

In Andalusia, many elderly people do not have the resources to pay for private clinics and access to geriatric centers with staff to ensure a dignified retirement.
For young people, on the other hand, low savings and job instability combined with high housing prices make buying a home an impossible mission.
In particular, in cities such as Cadiz, Seville, Córdoba, Malaga, Granada, Jaén, Huelva and Almería, which are attractive destinations for travellers, short tourist rentals are often chosen by landlords, to the detriment of residential rentals, which thus remain expensive.

For this reason, has chosen to donate the revenues from bookings received in Andalusia to the local Proyecta Konscio Foundation, which aims to promote awareness of community housing alternatives for sustainable permanent residence purposes using cutting-edge technology.

The KonscioHousing programme will empower citizens to live in community, in harmony with the environment and with an integrative vision between generations.

Andalusia Seville

Seville, Andalusia, Spain

Travel to Andalusia to share experiences, culture, and values

The objective of is to stimulate the arrival of travellers to Andalusia who care not only about the beautiful landscapes, the extraordinary culture, and the wonderful beaches animated by unforgettable fiestas, but also about the local communities, their customs and needs.
Every booking of a holiday home in Andalusia on will allow us to finance the creation of sustainable permanent residences for locals. As long as co-housing experiences are being developed, the KonscioHousing residential modules can accommodate Fair Guests: responsible travellers will be able to enjoy their holidays in a collaborative and communal environment.

The added value of renting housing for responsible tourism generates not only an exchange in the local economy, but also a cultural exchange between the travellers and the local community.

Andalusia co-housing

KonscioHousing, a sustainability project for Andalusia

Co-housing is a collaborative lifestyle in which a group of people forms a cooperative to create and design their own housing. Under this concept, not only residences are built but also a common life project in a sustainable and optimised environment.
What does it require? Commitment and active participation to plan and manage the project both in the decision-making process of the design of the housing, as well as in its administration and the joint and pro-active proposals for a community life full of enriching experiences.

Proyecta Konscio Foundation is developing digital platforms that create community among stakeholders from the very beginning, so that future co-housers can get to know each other, interact, share ideas and get information about the co-housing project.
These residential modules of various sizes are suited to different needs, but united by sustainability: recycling bins, water recycling systems and, wherever possible, solar panels and medium-sized windmills (up to 100 Kw) will be installed.

With your help, we may not change the world, but we could certainly change the lives of many people in Andalusia.

Andalusia Cadiz

Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain

A new life together for seniors and young people in Andalusia

Beneficiaries of the KonscioHousing project include the elderly, who could live much better together. More than a dozen collaborative housing initiatives for the elderly are already active in Spain. Groups of friends get together to spend their old age, look for land, establish a cooperative and build apartments that cannot be speculated upon. All under the banner of self-organization.
Thanks to the support of travelers who book on, the elderly in Andalusia will also be able to grow old away from the imposed loneliness or passivity experienced in nursing homes. They will be able to be masters of their own destiny.
Elderly people will not be alone: the KonscioHousing modules are also designed to young people! The result of these co-housing experiences between generations is more active living, community involvement and social relationships.

“This apartment is not mine, it is ours.”

Konscio Andalusia

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