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In order to put the safety, health and security of travelers and hosts at the core of the travel and tourism sector in the era of Covid, we at think it’s important to share with our Hosts some harmonized and consistent cleanliness and hygiene standards, in line with the safe stay travelers need and expect.

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) proposes to Hosts of short term rentals a series of best practices, to reassure guests and guarantee them a safe stay. These recommendations are based on higher risk contexts where a sustained ongoing transmission is evident. As such, measures should be re-evaluated and regularly monitored in each destination, based on public health data and on applicable local, national and/or global health guidance and legislation.

safe stay

Basic guideline to deliver a safe stay to your Guests

The WTTC’s Short Term Rental Protocol is outcome driven, simple and practical, applicable across destinations and countries. To offer guests a safe stay, Hosts should adopt processes focused on enhanced sanitation, disinfection and deep cleaning practices and frequency, as well as processes relating to physical distancing. These are the main recommendations:

  1. Consider to outsource the sanitation and disinfection to a professional cleaning service;
  2. Encourage use of personal protective items such as disposable gloves, aprons, gowns or facial coverings for staff;
  3. Provide easy-to-follow revisited guidance to the cleaning team with a specific focus on high-frequency touch points within the property, including bedrooms, common areas, washrooms and kitchens, including cutlery and utensil sanitisation, where applicable;
  4. Select disinfecting products recommended by health authorities;
  5. Remove extraneous items such as vases and artifacts;
  6. Make available to guests at the entrance approved disinfecting products in the form of alcohol-based or hypochlorous acid water hand sanitiser;
  7. Provide guests with recommended physical distancing etiquette, including in elevators, if relevant, through signage;
  8. Encourage routine and proper hand washing, providing paper towels if possible;
  9. Provide guests with the ability to make use of the accommodation cleaning service during their safe stay;
  10. Limit physical interaction when providing guests with keys, ideally in a contactless manner by offering self check-in and check-out.

Finally, consider to suggest to your Guests to subscribe’s REFUNDABLE BOOKINGS option, an innovative solution that offers to Guests enhanced refund terms and frees from any risk the Host community: in the case the customers cannot attend for an incredibly broad range of circumstances outside of their control (including government travel bans and scheduled airline failure), they are refunded 100% of their payment while the Hosts will receive 100% of the amount due from the Guests, as if they have arrived.