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fairUP® is a transformative platform aimed at connecting local communities, artisans and small businesses with visitors from around the world and residents alike while redirecting 50% of our net commission to community projects. This way, every experience contributes directly to the sustainability and well-being of the local community.

Our mission is to promote local cultures, traditions, and economies, creating a sustainable and fair tourism ecosystem where every participant thrives. With a focus on authenticity and sustainability, we illuminate the real-life experiences that make each community unique and provide an avenue for these local stories to be shared on a global scale.

fairUP® creates an environment where local Hosts and Scouts work together to provide immersive experiences. Scouts play a vital role in bridging the gap between hosts and visitors, managing operational aspects of hosting, and actively advocating for their communities. This innovative model not only empowers local businesses but also ensures that visitors enjoy genuine, unforgettable experiences.

our unique model

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Become a Host or Scout

Apply to become a host or a Scout on fairUP. Hosts provide the experiences, while Scouts act as local ambassadors and assist hosts with the operational aspects of the platform.

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List or Scout Experiences

As a host, you can list your local experience on our platform. If you’re a Scout, you’ll help hosts list their experiences, manage bookings, and communicate with guests.

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Hosts and Scouts have the opportunity to connect with travelers worldwide looking for authentic local experiences. Similarly, Scouts can connect with multiple hosts within their communities.

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Earn and Reward

Hosts earn from the experiences they offer, while Scouts earn a commission for their pivotal role in bringing these experiences to life on our platform.

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More funds mean more developers, quicker growth and greater resources for our Local Nodes. If you want to use your capital to have a positive impact in the world right down to your neighbourhood, you too can become a funding member of Fairbnb.coop

Discover How fairUp® Works

General Knowledge

Do I need a seperate account for different roles?

No, you don’t need separate accounts for different roles. Users can switch between roles (Guest, Scout, Host) in the same account, though certain conditions have to be met to qualify for different user roles.

How did fairUP came to be?

Our journey began in 2020 at UP FTS sTOUdio Turistica, where a group of students and academics recognized a pressing issue: rural providers were underrepresented, and digitalization was posing a significant challenge. Small providers from marginalized and rural areas with potential to offer authentic, unique experiences, were being overlooked in the increasingly digital world of tourism.

We envisioned a solution to bridge this gap – an online marketplace that would make these hidden gems visible and bookable, thus supporting local economies in these underrepresented areas. The idea was not just to create an online marketplace but to build a tool that could foster sustainable development and ensure the fair representation of all providers.

The concept of Scouts was integral to our vision. These would be local individuals assisting hosts in managing their digital presence, becoming a critical link between the online platform and the local community. The Scout system was designed to not only help in bringing these experiences online but also to create job opportunities within these communities.

As we embarked on this journey to launch our platform, we crossed paths with Fairbnb.coop, a cooperative driven by similar values and goals. Recognizing the synergy between our operations, it was clear that together, we could achieve more.

After several productive discussions, we decided to merge and continue our efforts collectively under the name of fairUP, standing together for improving tourism and supporting local communities. This cooperation expanded our capabilities, allowing us to better serve our mission of making tourism fairer, more sustainable, and beneficial to everyone involved.

And that’s how fairUP was born – out of a vision to bring equality to the tourism sector and a determination to make a tangible, positive impact on local communities. We’ve come a long way, but our journey has just begun. Together, we can reshape tourism, one experience at a time.

What is the relationship between Fairbnb.coop and fairUP?

fairUP is a spin-off product from Fairbnb.coop, a cooperative running a short-term rental platform that promotes sustainable tourism and gives back to the local communities.

How are we sustainable and impactful?

At fairUP, we’re deeply committed to not only facilitating unique experiences but also supporting the sustainability and development of the communities we operate in. Our cooperative structure allows us to prioritize people and their local environment, ensuring that the benefits of tourism are shared equitably.

  • Sustainability: We promote experiences that are in harmony with local cultures, economies, and ecosystems. We believe in nurturing a tourism model that values and protects our world’s diverse heritage, cultures, and natural beauty. By encouraging travelers to participate in locally run experiences, we aim to foster a tourism ecosystem that supports sustainable practices and responsible growth.
  • Social Impact: We’re more than just a booking platform. With every booking made, we contribute to local community projects. These projects are aimed at addressing various social issues, aiding in community development and enhancing the quality of life.

Additionally, our Scout system creates new income opportunities for locals, offering them a chance to earn a fair share by bringing the best of their community online. By empowering local artists, craftsmen, and business owners, we’re supporting the local economy and preserving unique cultural identities.

At fairUP, we’re not just creating memorable experiences for travelers. We’re investing in our communities, and ensuring that the beauty, culture, and uniqueness of our local areas are preserved and enhanced for generations to come. Travel with us and make a difference!

How are we different from other experience marketplaces?

At fairUP, we distinguish ourselves through our commitment to community, sustainability, and authenticity. Here’s how we stand apart:

  • Community Contribution: Unlike most platforms, we donate 50% of our profits to local social projects. Every booking you make isn’t just about having a unique experience; it’s also about supporting the growth and development of the local community.
  • Cooperative Structure: we are a cooperative driven by people, activists, and organizations. We prioritize the interests of our hosts, scouts, travellers, and local communities, ensuring that the benefits of tourism are shared equitably.
  • Support for the Underrepresented: We strive to uplift small providers, especially those in marginalized or rural areas that are often overlooked by mainstream tourism. Our platform is a stage for these underrepresented voices to shine, offering unique local experiences that big providers can’t.
  • Legal Compliance: We believe in responsible tourism, and that includes abiding by local laws and regulations. We ensure all our operations are legal, respectful, and sustainable, aligning with the values of our cooperative.

By choosing fairUP, you’re not only opting for an unforgettable experience but also becoming a part of a movement that values people, supports communities, and promotes sustainable tourism. It’s not just about travelling; it’s about making a difference.

How are conflicts resoluted?

At fairUP, we understand that conflicts may occasionally arise between hosts, Scouts, and guests. We are committed to fostering open communication, finding solutions, and ensuring a positive experience for all parties involved. Our conflict resolution process is designed to address any issues promptly and fairly. Here’s how we handle conflicts:

  • Open Communication: We encourage hosts, Scouts, and guests to communicate openly and honestly with each other when conflicts arise. Clear and respectful communication can often resolve misunderstandings or issues before they escalate.
  • Mediation: If direct communication does not lead to a resolution, fairUP offers mediation services. Our team acts as impartial mediators, facilitating discussions between the parties involved to help find a mutually agreeable solution.
  • Fair Assessment: In cases where mediation is not sufficient or applicable, fairUP will assess the situation based on the available information, including any relevant policies or agreements. We strive to evaluate conflicts objectively and consider the perspectives of all parties involved.
  • Resolution Options: Depending on the nature of the conflict, fairUP may propose various resolution options. These may include refunding or rescheduling bookings, providing additional support, or any other reasonable measures to address the issue at hand.
  • Privacy and Confidentiality: We respect the privacy and confidentiality of all parties involved in a conflict. Information shared during the conflict resolution process will be handled with utmost care and only disclosed to individuals directly involved in the resolution process.
  • Timely Resolution: Our goal is to resolve conflicts as quickly as possible. While some conflicts may require more time for thorough investigation and consideration, we strive to provide timely responses and solutions.

At fairUP, we value fairness, empathy, and the well-being of our community. We are dedicated to addressing conflicts promptly, striving for a fair resolution, and maintaining a positive and supportive environment for all users. If you encounter any conflicts during your fairUP experience, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. We’re here to help you find a resolution and ensure your journey with fairUP remains enjoyable and fulfilling.

How our fees work?

At fairUP, we have a straightforward and fair fee structure that benefits both our platform and local communities:

  • No Commission for Hosts: We do not charge any commission to our hosts. This allows them to maximize their earnings and focus on delivering exceptional experiences.
  • 50% Net Commission Donated: fairUP operates on a commission-based model, where we charge a fee on bookings. However, we donate 50% of our commission to local social projects, making a positive impact on communities.
  • Supporting Sustainable Development: The commission fees we collect sustain fairUP, enabling us to enhance our platform and provide a seamless booking experience.

Our transparent fee structure ensures that hosts and travelers have a clear understanding of the costs involved. By using fairUP, you contribute to sustainable tourism and support local communities.

Guest Information

What do different booking statuses mean?

  • Rejected: Your booking has been rejected by your host.
  • Expired: Your booking request expired before it was accepted by the host.
  • Cancelled: You or the host cancelled the booking.
  • Upcoming: You have an upcoming booking.
  • Completed: Your booked experience has been successfully executed

What kind of cancellation policies do you have?

We have two cancellation policies.

  • Flexible: Full refund for cancellations made within 48 hours of booking, if the booking is made at least 14 days before the start of the experience.
  • Moderate: Full refund for cancellations made within 5 days of booking, if the booking is made at least 14 days before the start of the experience.

How are scouts mediating the booking process?

Scouts are here to make your journey smoother. If the experience you booked was managed by a Scout, they can help mediate communications between you and the host.

What is the Post-Booking Procedure?

After booking, your payment will be held securely by fairUP until you’ve successfully attended the experience. This ensures the security and trust of all our users.

How to review the experience?

48 hours after you have completed your experience, you will receive a thank you email from us. In this email we will also encourage you to rate your experience and help us improve to serve travelers like yourself.

Scout Information

What is the purpose of a Scout?

Scouts on fairUP serve as a bridge between local hosts, visitors, and the community, illuminating the authentic experiences our community offers. Their assistance to local artisans and businesses helps create immersive experiences that promote local culture and traditions.

Scouts have a significant role in supporting local economies. By bringing hosts and they genuine experiences online, they open up income opportunities, boost local businesses, and aid in funding community projects. Their work is vital in building sustainable tourism and preserving the authenticity of local communities.

Moreover, by managing operational aspects of hosting, like listing creation, guest communication, and booking management, they enable hosts to concentrate on delivering immersive experiences. They are not just a connector, but an active advocate for their community, contributing directly to fair and beneficial tourism.

What kind of Scouts are we looking for?

We’re looking for Scouts who have a deep understanding of their local community, are digitally savvy, flexiblee, responsive and have excellent communication skills. A Scout needs to be familiar with the booking platforms and marketplaces. Scouts should have a passion for promoting local businesses and experiences and a keen eye for what makes their area unique. But most of all, we are looking for people that want to join us in our mission to transform local communities for the better.

How to become a Scout?

You can become a Scout by applying through our Scout Application Form, where you tell us a bit more about yourself, your community, and the experiences you could bring to fairUP. After you submit your application, our admin team will review it. Don’t worry if your application will not be accepted in your first try. We will provide you with constructive feedback and after that you can apply again.

What are your rights and duties as a Scout?

As a Scout, you are expected to onboard new hosts, manage listings, accept bookings within 12 hours, update the listings, reject bookings based on prior agreements with hosts, and look for the new experience hosts in your community. Communication with guests and arranging with the host are also part of your duties. But essentially what the Scout will work on largely depends on the agreement with the host.

How are Scouts rewarded?

Scouts earn a 7.5% on each booking with their host in return for their assistance. This commission is a recognition of the vital role you play in bringing experiences to life on our platform and boosting local economies.

How to get paid as a Scout?

To claim your earned commissions, you must go to the “Payouts” section in your Scout dasahbord. There you can create a reference invoice based on the unsettled booking commissions you have selected in the previous step. With the help of your reference invoice, you can issue the real invoice manually (according to your established accounting process). Upload the real invoice to the platform as indicated and send it to your host. Within one invoice you can charge more than one booking commission, but in this case make sure that all booking commissions refer to the same host (if you are scouting to multiple hosts). The host will then review the invoice and approve or reject it accordingly. If the invoice is approved, your charged comission will be automatically transferred to your account (Rady ffor withdrawal), otherwise you will have to repeat the invoicing process.

How can I end the relationship with my host?

You and your host can decide on the terms for ending your relationship. It’s important to establish these conditions in advance with your host inside your Scout dashboard. This could be based on these two criteria:

  • One-time early termination fee: if your host does not want to wait for the required number of successfully completed bookings to compensate your assitance and wants to end the relationship right away, set the one-time early termination fee. The specified one-time fee amount becomes active 7 days after you approved the host’s request (trial period). Until then, the host can terminate the relationship at any time without the prior notice and without incurring any fees. Be fair when setting the one-time fee amount.
  • Number of bookings required: in this case you specify the number of bookings that must be successfuly completed to compensate your work before your host can end the relationship. The specified number becomes active 7 days after your host’s approval request. The number of bookings required is determined by you, depending on how much time and effort you think you have invested at any given time. Be fair when setting the number of bookings required and change the number as few times as possible once it is determined.

How do Scout inboxes work?

Scouts have two inboxes in their Scout dashboard: ‘Hosts’ and ‘Guests’. The ‘Hosts’ inbox is for internal communication with hosts, while the ‘Guests’ inbox allows for three-way communication between Scout, host, and traveler.

Can a Scout work with mulitple hosts?

Yes, a Scout can work with multiple hosts simultaneously. This helps to diversify the experiences on offer and allows scouts to maximise their earning potential.

How to upload an experience as a Scout?

To upload an experience, head over to your Scout dashboard and click on the ”Add new experience” button, select the host you want to create an experience for and follow the instructions. Once the experience has been submitted, it will be reviewed by an administrator, which usually takes no longer than three working days.

How to connect with your first Host?

As a Scout on fairUP, connecting with your first host is an exciting opportunity to support local communities and contribute to their success. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to connect with your first host:

  • Create Your Scout Profile: Ensure that you have completed your Scout profile with relevant information about your skills, expertise, and passion for supporting local communities. A comprehensive profile will help hosts understand how you can assist them in enhancing their experiences.
  • Evaluate Requests: Host have the possibility to request help from Scouts directly through our platform. Read the host requests carefully and evaluate whether you have the skills and expertise to fulfill their needs. Consider the tasks or areas of assistance mentioned by the hosts and assess if you can contribute effectively. Prioritize requests that align with your abilities and interests.
  • Initiate Contact: Once you have identified a host in your local area whose needs resonates with you, reach out to them, pay them a visit and explain them the possibility of helping them manage their experience through the fairUP platform. Introduce yourself, express your interest in collaborating, and explain how your skills and expertise can benefit their experience.
  • Discuss Collaboration: Engage in a conversation with the host to further discuss their requirements and how you can assist them. Understand their expectations, timelines, and any specific tasks they need help with.
  • Collaborate Closely: Once you have accepted a host’s request, work closely with them to provide the requested assistance. Maintain open and regular communication, offer your expertise, and support them in enhancing their experience. Be responsive to their queries and provide timely updates on your progress.

Remember, as a Scout, you have the opportunity to connect with hosts in your local community and make a meaningful impact on their experiences. Embrace this role with enthusiasm, professionalism, and a genuine desire to support local communities. By establishing strong collaborations with hosts, you can contribute to their success while fostering authentic and memorable experiences for travelers on fairUP.

Host Information

Who can be an experience host?

At fairUP, an experience host isn’t just someone providing a service. They are individuals, groups, or businesses that genuinely embody the spirit of their local community. We are looking for those who can offer unique, authentic experiences that provide a genuine representation of their local area, culture, and heritage.

Here’s what we look for in our experience hosts:

  • Small Providers: We value small-scale artisans, craftsmen, chefs, tour guides, and other providers who represent the heart and soul of their communities. These can be individuals or local businesses offering intimate, personalized experiences that larger providers can’t match.
  • Underrepresented Areas: We strive to empower communities that are often overlooked by mainstream tourism, especially in rural areas. Our platform aims to bring exposure to these regions, showcasing the unique experiences they offer while contributing to their economic development.
  • Authentic Experiences: We prioritize experiences that truly encapsulate the local culture. Whether it’s a pottery class by a local artist, a guided hike through hidden trails, a cooking class featuring local cuisine, or a workshop that teaches a traditional craft – if it’s an authentic representation of your culture, we want to share it with the world.
  • Community Impact: We especially value hosts who contribute to their community. This could mean sourcing materials locally, involving community members in their experiences, or any other actions that have a positive social, economic, or environmental impact.

By becoming a host with fairUP, you don’t just offer an experience; you provide a platform for your local culture, contribute to the diversity of global tourism, and directly impact your community’s development. Share your passion, your craft, your culture – and make a difference.

How to get Scout assistance?

If you need help managing your listing, you can request assistance from a Scout. The choice can also be made after prior consultation with your scout. You can do that through the “scouts” section inside your dasahbord. After you enter the Scout section, you will find a list of all the available Scouts. Find your Scout in the list and request help. The Scout can then review the proposal and accept or reject it. The Scout can help you upload and manage your experience, communicate with guests, manage bookings and more.

How does the relationship with a Scout work?

When you enter into a relationship with a Scout, they will assist you in exchange for a 7.5% commission on bookings. This commission is deducted from the base price of the experience.

Can a host have multiple Scouts?

No, a host can only have one Scout at a time to ensure clear communication and efficient management of your experience.

How to end the relationship with a Scout?

You and your Scout can decide on the terms for ending your relationship. It’s important to establish these conditions in advance. This could be based on these two criteria:

  • One-time early termination fee: if you do not want to wait for the required number of successfully completed bookings and want to end the relationship immediately, set the one-time early termination fee. The specified one-time fee amount becomes active 7 days after the Scout approves your request. Until then, you can terminate the relationship at any time without the prior notice and without incurring any fees.
  • Number of bookings required: in this case the Scout specifies the number of bookings that must be successfuly completed before you can end the relationship. The specified number becomes active 7 days after you approve the request. The number of bookings required is determined by the Scout, depending on their time and effort.

How to upload an experience?

To upload an experience, head over to your Host dashboard and click on the ”Add new experience” button. Follow the instructions. Once the experience has been submitted, it will be reviewed by an administrator, which usually takes no longer than three working days.

What does Withdrawn mean?

This indicates that you have successfully withdrawn your earnings from fairUP to your linked bank account.

What does Ready for Withdrawal mean?

This means that your earnings from completed experiences are available for you to withdraw to your bank account.

When do hosts get paid?

Hosts get paid within 24 hours after the visitor has attended the experience. Your payout will be visible under “Ready for withdrawal” card.

How to pay for Scout services?

The Scout issues an invoice for his commision for each booking. The invoice is availabe in the “Scout Payouts” section inside your host dasahbord. Each invoice issued by the scout must be approved by the host in order for the commision amount to be automatically released to the host.

How does host inbox work?

Hosts have two inboxes: ‘Scouts’ and ‘Guests’. The ‘Scouts’ inbox is for internal communication with your Scout (if any), while the ‘Guests’ inbox is for communication with the Scout (if any) and the traveler

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