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What is Fairbnb.coop?

We are launching a vacation rental platform
which gives back 50% of its revenues to support local community projects of your choice such as social housing for residents, community gardens and more.

We offer four advantages over existing sites:

Data transparency

We collaborate with municipalities to ensure the legality of rented properties.

Value for locals

50% of our commission is donated to community projects chosen by residents.


Residents will help us grow and will shape how we will operate in their community.

Real homesharing

1 house = 1 host policy.
Only one secondary house on the market for each host.

Why Fair?

+ We are transparent. We share our data with local governments  so cities can understand the real impact of tourism.

+ We are 100% compliant with local regulations and enhance them with suggestions by local communities.

+ We apply a 1 host - 1 home policy preventing multi-hosts in the platform in order to limit the effects of short term rentals on the housing market.

Why Coop?

+ We are independent.Our platform is owned not by faceless investors but by those who work in it, use it and are impacted by its use.

+ We operate with co-ownership and co-governance.
Our Decisions are made collaboratively under a distributed governance model. 

Why Community Centered?

+ We foster local economies: Half of the commission charged by Fairbnb is returned to the local community, sustaining projects selected by local residents.

+ Local Nodes are the engines at the center of our organization and represent the engine that connect the people in the territories making human interaction the real “technology” of Fairbnb.coop.

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How to Get Involved

Are you a Host? Do you have a community project? Do you want to invest? Do you want to be part of the team?
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