REFUNDABLE BOOKINGS, a feature exclusively offered by, in case of booking cancellations by the Guests refunds them 100 percent, while the Hosts and the social projects still receive the expected rent and contributions: the best guarantee for safe travels and risk-free hospitality, while local communities continue to receive the benefits of’s sustainable tourism model.

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At a time when even the decision whether to go on vacation is seen as a gamble, and the Host community is still recovering from the wave of cancellations following the various phases of recent lockdowns, for us at it is important to give a sign of serenity and guarantee to our potential travelers and hosts.

We have therefore decided to enhance our refund terms and to integrate into the booking system the REFUNDABLE BOOKINGS option: thanks to this new feature, it is again possible to plan safe travels, sure that no one will lose out.

Stop worrying and start planning with!

REFUNDABLE BOOKINGS, the solution that ensures safe travels and hospitality

What happens if you have to abandon your holiday plans due to a canceled flight, a national health emergency, or a simple illness of a family member? Nothing, if you have booked on and have chosen to upgrade your refund terms with the REFUNDABLE BOOKINGS option.

If you are a Host, how do you pay the mortgage and the utilities of your holiday home or b&b, if customers have to cancel their reservations and the platforms do not protect you? With peace of mind, if your listing is on cares about its community because it is a cooperative open to local communities, united to make tourism a more sustainable experience for everyone. For this reason we offer to travelers REFUNDABLE BOOKINGS, an innovative refund solution administered by Protect Membership Programme, a global player who work with the largest global travel companies, providing an exceptional customer experience when Guests are struck by personal unforeseen circumstances.

A guarantee that not only 100 percent refunds Guests for their bookings, but also frees the Hosts from any risk: in case of a reservation cancellation covered by the REFUNDABLE BOOKINGS program, the Host will receive the amount due from the Guests, as if they have arrived!

An excellent opportunity for Hosts on to get in touch with old customers, advise them to take the plunge and book their new visit with REFUNDABLE BOOKINGS.

In addition, the social project that has been chosen by the traveler at the time of booking always receives its crowdfunding share. It’s a Win-Win-Win With: in case of cancellation, the community projects will also get 100 percent of their funds. With REFUNDABLE BOOKINGS everyone is safe, in case of problems nobody loses out and the community always benefits. Cancellation Policies and travel insurance enhanced refund terms

With you can travel safely, in any case

At we want to make sure that everything goes right even when everything goes wrong. That’s why’s REFUNDABLE BOOKINGS program offers coverage never seen before, in case you cannot reach your destination for all sorts of circumstances not dependent on you:

  • Government Travel Bans
  • Public Transport Failure
  • Scheduled Airline Failure
  • Private Vehicle Failure
  • Adverse Weather
  • Illness (Physical & Mental)*
  • Accidents or Injury*
  • Pregnancy Complications*
  • Jury Service or Court Summons
  • Home Emergency (incl. Burglary, Fire, Flood)
  • Armed Forces & Emergency Services Recall
  • Relocated for Work and Redundancy
  • Theft of Physical Tickets
  • Changes to Exam Dates
  • Emergency Circumstances

* Also applicable to your immediate family members, which includes Grandparents.

In any of these events, with REFUNDABLE BOOKINGS you can apply for a 100 percent refund. Also, knowing how stressful can be when things go wrong, with us you can claim your refund up to 60 days after your supposed check-in date.

The Protect Group, who administer this refund service on behalf of, will respond to all Refund Applications within 48 hours and, if it is accepted, you will receive 100 percent of your money back within 4 days of application.

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