Fairbnb.coop is putting its platform at the service of the communities and the Health Organizations in the cities where we are active*.
By booking now a stay for later in the future we will immediately donate 50% of the booking fee to relief funds in our destinations.
Fairbnb.coop will directly cover all transaction costs allowing our fair Hosts and the relief funds to get as much resources as possible.
*Momentarily valid only for bookings in Italy

Be the change you wish to see
where you live and where you go

Fairbnb.coop is the cooperative accommodation booking platform that promotes and funds local initiatives and projects

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Community powered tourism

How it works:

The Host earns the same,
the Guest pays the same
but the benefits are for the whole community.

50% of our platform fee is used to fund a project of your choice for the communities you visit.

This is a way to empower local communities and promote authentic, fair and conscious tourism. 

Start traveling using our BETA platform

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Become a host

Fairbnb.coop is a collective project powered by people. Help us open new destinations faster and register as a host to start sharing!


We apply the  one host – one house rule, it means that we privilege hosts that offer only one property on the touristic market. We do this to promote a more sustainable industry and provide travellers a more genuine and authentic experience.

Your data
is safe

We keep your data safe and upon request share it with local governments if needed to apply local regulations We also use data to understand the impact of our activity inside the communities.

Collaboration and cooperation

Fairbnb.coop is a community-driven platform participated by those who make it happen: travellers, hosts and local communities are the core of our organization.

Get involved

We are searching for committed people to join our vision.
You can become a member of our community or work with us.

The Guardian

“… a not-for-profit home-sharing site that only permits resident hosts; mandates one home per host; and contributes half of the 15% booking fee to social projects.”

The New Yorker

“The company draws on the logic and appeal of crowdfunding: half of the site’s fifteen-per-cent commission fee is channelled directly into development projects, which are chosen by the owners of the rental properties, the travellers, and the local community.”

The Next Web

“The idea is to get local communities to work together and think on how they want to handle tourism, the effects of tourism, and how they want to profit from it. ”

The Huffington Post

“The company pledges to give half its profits to local projects, such as housing for neighborhood associations, nonprofit food cooperatives or community gardens.”

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